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RDP-M15iP Portable Speaker Dock from Sony

sony RDP-M5iP iPod speaker dock
Compatible with iPod/iPhone models, the Sony‘s new RDP-M15iP portable speaker dock delivers a powerful 10W+10W of crisp stereo sound from its elegantly sleek body. Using it is easy, just slip…

Multi-Touch Desktop Display from Perceptive Pixel

Perceptive Pixel Multi-Touch Desktop Display
Perceptive Pixel unveiled the world’s first professional multi-touch desktop display, a high-resolution, optically-bonded, projected capacitive 27″ LCD display. The new 27″ display enables users to work directly on screen to…

Bamboo iPhone 4 Case for Japan

Bamboo iPhone 4 Case
Primary Case Company will launch a new line of luxury cell phone cases to help those in need in Japan. The back of the case is made entirely of highly…

Aperio ScanScope AT Slide Scanner

Scan Scope AT
Aperio launched the ScanScope AT digital slide scanning instruments. With just a 16-inch by 24-inch footprint, the ScanScope AT features a 400-slide capacity with sustained throughput of 30 slides per…

Toshiba WILLPOS C10 Heavy-Duty Terminal

Toshiba WILLPOS C10 System
Powered by the N450 Intel Atom CPU, the compact and ultra-silent WILLPOS C10 heavy-duty terminal was unveiled by Toshiba to cater for mission-critical mobile applications in manufacturing, transportation, retail and…
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