What Are The Latest Trends For Promotional USB Drives?

Promotional USB drives have become more and more popular because they remain the best way to distribute digital media. It’s not the cheapest to make but nothing cheaper has replaced it yet. Sure, physical formats like CDs, DVDs, and vinyl records are still very much in demand especially for musicians and filmmakers but CD players and DVD players are slowly becoming extinct. Apple even removed the DVD players on their laptops. Aside from this, they’re becoming more popular because they can be totally fancy. Unlike other formats, they’re highly customizable. CDs are just CDs, but USB flash drives? They can be anything! There are custom USB flash drives that are attached to wood, to plush toys, to pens, and even to shirts! Since it’s a small chip, you can go as crazy as you want with the design of your custom USB flash drives to match your brand perfectly.

Here are some of the ways USB flash drives are being designed and distributed these days:

  1. CUSTOM USB CARDS. The USB card is probably the most common option because it’s sleek, affordable, and it has a good space for artwork. You can print your logo directly on it and them right in the face. It’s pretty straightforward and convenient, too. It has the size of a credit card so they can just put the USB card in their wallets or pockets. Unlike the generic USB flash drive, this is much harder to lose. This is also a favorite of many musicians. The custom USB flash drives for musicians have increased in popularity over the years as CDs become less and less popular. In the last five years, most merch tables have it. What sets it apart from just vinyl or cassette or CD is that it has something more than just music. It can contain the band’s videos, personal messages, games, posters, and other digital goodies! It’s always a hit because fans always feel like they have more back from their buck. They get all the good stuff from their favorite musician…plus they can use the USB for other things.
  2. WEARABLE USB FLASH DRIVES. Flash drives are so tiny you might as well put them into something you can wear. Not only will this make customers feel like they get a 2-in-1 purchase, it’s a smart way not to lose the USB flash drive too because dang it, these babies are easy to lose! There are so many options for a wearable USB! You can have a USB ring, USB bracelet, USB necklace, USB armband, USB shirt…think of something you can wear and ask yourself if you can attack a USB to it (most likely you can!). What’s so awesome about this aside from the ones I already mentioned is that if you have a band or movie or business or organization, you can have more options for marketing that’s more connected to your brand. For example, if you’re Nike, an arm band USB flash drive would be fitting. If you have a photography business and you do wedding video/photography, you might want to suggest to the organizers that you make a cute USB flash drive necklace with the couple’s initials.
  3. USB FLASH DRIVES IN BOOKS/ BOOKLETS/ FOLDERS. This isn’t really something new but boy, lots and lots of companies are coming up with badass swag containing flash drives in folders/booklets. There are also many artists that release books and special edition artworks with USB flash drives attached to them. This is kind of expected since we’re becoming more and more lazy and we want something to stimulate our senses. Books need audiobooks. Brochures need USB flash drives with videos and presentations on them. In marketing your stuff to the big guys and girls, a QR code to the website (which isn’t attractive) is simply not enough. These guys need something special…something seemingly expensive and “not for everybody”…something that you spent on just for them. These savvy USB flash drives that come with the brochure could be it. It could be their “free lunch”…they’d feel guilty for receiving something nice and they’d have no choice but to plug the USB flash drive and check out your stuff.

If you’re an artist or entrepreneur, you’d kick some ass marketing your work with a custom USB flash drive with a design (and content) that truly represents what you do. It won’t go away anytime soon– it remains to be the hottest physical format for distributing digital content– so start thinking of how you can incorporate USB flash drives. It will be a treat to you and to your clients or fans.

Al Hilal:
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