Best Reverse Image Search for Facebook

We sometimes find pictures on our laptops and mobiles that we have no idea about. It could be a person, celebrity or it could be nice scenery. However, you either don’t know or don’t remember so what do you do in such a situation?

Reverse image search engines have been developed specifically for the purpose. These engines avail its users with the option of either uploading the image or post the URL. It then scans it through several sources and displays related images, sources, and the same picture in other resolutions.

Reverse Image Search is a pretty prevailing technique to locate the sources of an image. It assists you to swiftly discover related pictures from multiple sources on the internet. Though, the tool is designed to carry out a complicated task using the tool is extremely easy. You don’t need some complex computing expertise to carry it out.

Reverse image search possesses countless benefits. It provides you with HD quality resolution pictures of the one that you have searched for if available. It also shows related images to the uploaded one. It can also be used by writers and bloggers to find sources for an image they intend on using for their site.

Reverse image search can also be used for pictures on Facebook. You should not expect it to direct you to the accounts because this requires facial recognition features. However, you can still search for other images. This is also particularly beneficial if you trying to confirm the authenticity of the image uploaded on a profile. There are numerous ways of using the tool for your benefit. You can either copy the image URL or paste it into a reverse image search engine or you can download it and then search.

Though several sites are offering reverse image search engines, some of the best are mentioned below that can be used efficiently for image search on Facebook.


The Pre Post SEO offers a very reliable tool for reverse image search. The engine is designed to scan from a very wide database and presents you with the desired results. The reverse image search engine is one of the finest available online without any cost. The site offers up to 95+ different tools for writers with this engine being one of the most efficient.

It can be used for various reasons. You can use it to find the sources of an image or search for similar images. The tool can also help writers avoid image plagiarism. It can also be used to search an image that you find on Facebook. It will display the sources of the image if available along with showing related images.

You can make a reverse image search using the engine provided by Pre Post SEO by carrying out the following simple steps:

  • Open your preferred browser
  • Access to open the tool
  • You can upload the picture by clicking on the ‘’Upload photo’’ button
  • You can also search by image URL, all you need to do is copy the image address from Facebook and paste it into the box that says ‘’Paste URL’’
  • Click on ‘’Search image’’ to start the scan

The Pre Post SEO tool is pretty reliable. It will display the result in no time and pretty efficiently


TinEye delivers another excellent tool for reverse image search. If you find a picture on Facebook then you can also search for it using TinEye.

TinEye tool is very fast and it will display the result within seconds. The sources to the images will be provided along with the image in other resolutions. You sometimes find certain accounts on Facebook that seem familiar. You can also use the engine to find if someone is catfishing. < TinEye is very helpful and it can access free and online. All it requires is the following easy steps to be followed:-

  • Open your favorite browser
  • Access to open the search engine
  • Once the site opens, click on the ‘’Arrow icon’’ displayed at the left of the search bar to upload a photo
  • If you have a URL of the image then you can paste it in the search bar
  • Once you have entered the data click on ‘’Search’’ to begin the process

Yandex Reverse image search

The Yandex reverse image search engine can be used for pictures that you already have in your drive. However, it can also help you search for images that you find online.

Once you productively search the reverse image search engine will display sources, links, and other related pictures to the one that you have searched for.

The Yandex reverse image search engine can help you avoid image plagiarism and additionally, they can add authenticity to your content. It can be used easily in the following method:

  • Access your desired browser
  • Click on the link:-
  • Once the site opens, click on the ‘’Camera icon’’ displayed next to the search bar
  • You can upload the image or drag it onto the engine
  • You can also post the URL of the image
  • Once you have added it, click on the ‘’Search’’ button

You can also use this method to find sources and connections to a picture that you have found online. The picture can be random, scenery, or a celebrity as long as it is uploaded to any source on the internet the Yandex reverse image search will scan it and display the results.

Google Chrome

You can also make a reverse image search for the photo you find on Facebook. The process is extremely easy. Google provides one of the most resourceful engines on the internet.

Facebook is a social site so you can’t expect Google reverse image search to provide facial recognition features. However, if the picture is uploaded on other sources as well the Google engine is capable of revealing all of them.

You can use the Google reverse image search features in the following ways:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Access
  • Click on the Camera icon displayed on the search bar
  • You can upload the image directly, by clicking on the ‘’choose file’’ button
  • You can also paste the URL of the image
  • Click on ‘’Search by image’’

Google reverse image search engine will do the rest without you having to worry about it,