Best Free DAWs You Can Try For Producing Music

Before the era of digital recording, no one knew what a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) was. But with the advent of technology, it has become an integral part of recording studios. Finding the right workstation is important if you are planning to have one for your home recording studio because it determines the quality of music you produce. As a beginner, it makes sense to use a free one and later graduate to a paid one. These have limited features but are good enough till you learn advanced music production. Here are some free DAWs you can try.


Apple Garageband is a good option for musicians who use Mac computers. It offers a fair amount of drum loops and virtual instruments. Further, you get access to essential audio effects such as EQs, guitar amplifier simulations, compressions, and reverb. Amazingly, you can use it for finishing a music piece that is ready for commercial broadcast. When it comes to free DAWs, none of them comes even close to this one in terms of features and functionalities. On the downside, you can use Garageband only for Mac devices.

Studio One Prime

Studio One Prime, the free version of Studio One, is designed specifically for music students and beginners. Presonus, the pioneering brand in hardware mixers, came up with this DAW to enable new singers, musicians and beat makers to experience producing and recording on a DAW. You can use it to record, mix and compose for understanding your style before moving on to a paid version. However, this one has limited features as compared to Garageband.

Pro Tools First

Featuring next on this list is Pro Tools First, which is quite similar to Studio One Prime in terms of features and functionalities. It is regarded as an industry standard and is amazingly good for your first recordings. Just buy beats from tellingbeatzz and get started with this DAW to produce your first track without spending a fortune. Though the learning curve of Pro Tools First is relatively steep, it is an ideal choice if you want to move to advanced DAWs quickly.

Free or paid- The debate goes on

When you just start out in the music industry, it makes complete sense to find a free DAW. While it surely lets you save money, you can try your hand at practical music production and also test it before buying. The good thing is that most DAWs today bring a free demo so that users can try and test it before purchasing its full version. Usually, a free DAW comes with limited plugins and will not provide support to add in third-party plugins. Further, there could be limited track limits and minimal support for advanced editing techniques like automation. Even though free DAWs have limited features, they are ideal for beginners who want to understand what music production is all about.

Gradually, as you get comfortable with music production, your needs will grow and moving to a paid DAW will not be a choice. Go ahead and get started with a free one and then move on to a premium version.

Author Bio: Marcus Bartley works with Outreach Monks for compelling content creation. His expertise surrounds lifestyle, arts, and analytics and he proficiently uses his skills to help his patrons understand the goal of every strategy.