Leveraging Bloggers For Sustainable Branding

Blogging and social media marketing have been the hottest topics during the decade. The rapid increase in the popularity of bloggers and social media users have triggered the marketing mavens to leverage their influence for branding purposes. But, how exactly is it done?

In this article, you’ll find a step by step guide to market your business and grow as a brand using blogger outreach and influencer marketing.

1. Realize What You Need

First things first, you must realize what is it that you expect out of your blogger outreach. Is it exposure? Or is it something more generic, such as traffic? Once you have a clear idea of what you need, it’ll become easier for you to maneuver your way through the rest of the process. Usually, business owners go for blogger outreach to boost their sales. And for such an intricate task, outreaching influential bloggers is very important. Therefore you must realize your needs before you even start with blogger outreach.

2. Start Prospecting Bloggers

Once you’ve realized your needs, you can start searching for the bloggers that address your target audience. For this, you can search blogs that operate within your industry using Google and skim through their content to better know if they publish anything relating to your products or services. As explained in this article, niche relevancy can affect your website’s ranking in search results. And subsequently your business’s exposure before the right audience. Additionally, you may also need to make sure that the blogger you prospect, accepts guest post or brand collaborations. After all, you wouldn’t want to be wasting your time and energy on bloggers who may never accept your proposal.

3. Skim For The Authoritative Ones

By now, you must have scribbled a list of bloggers that incline with your interests. But, not all of these bloggers may prove to be beneficial for your branding efforts. You need to sort out the ones that have a sizable readership and hold authority over their audience. Sorting out the authoritative bloggers can help enhance the effectiveness of your branding strategy, and fetch you more potential leads. After all, it’s their word against yours.

4. Prepare Your Content & Pitch

The key to branding through blogger outreach is to create content that inclines with the interests of your prospective partner. Usually, bloggers do not accept content that is not informational or does not incline with their audience’s preferences. It requires expertise in content as well as blogger prospecting to understand what bloggers would accept. It is best to hire a blogger outreach agency to handle content creation and blogger pitching for your business. This would allow you to focus on other aspects of your business while they handle the blogger outreach part.

5. Outreach & Collaborate

In the end, there’s almost nothing left in between your business and influencers. You have a stellar piece of content, you have an engaging pitch, and you have your prospect, the blogger. All that’s left to do is contact the bloggers and seek their collaboration. They may ask for something in return, usually referral commission, but paying them can bring you amazingly high returns.

Following the aforementioned steps, you can improve the effectiveness of your blogger outreach practices. All that while earning higher exposure before the right audience, and potentially converting the leads.