Reasons Behind Rapid Growth of Mobile Gaming Industry

It is impossible not to marvel at all the ways technology managed to revolutionize our daily lives.

Thanks to the small gadgets that are never far from us, we have managed to reduce every daily task to a simple swipe of our finger, whether it is communicating, paying bills, shopping online, and even ensuring access to all kinds of information, about anything, anytime.

Considering the fact that smartphones are now accessible to almost everyone, people have come to rely more and more on their personal, virtual friend. Multiple studies have delved into researching the benefits and drawbacks of letting technology permeate our lives in every possible way. Many were quick to discover that we often reach for our phones when we are in dire need of something fun and entertaining that will occupy our free time.

Aside from providing certain ways to better our lives, we are offered a multitude of ways to divert ourselves during our daily routine, with a little time to spare on our hands. While you can immerse yourself in your favourite e-book, listen to music, or catch up on your social media info, most people tend to unwind in a different way altogether. Thanks to an astounding rise in popularity, mobile games have especially become a go-to destination providing brief periods of fun, or engaging storylines that can occupy you for weeks.

There are many explanations as to why that happens. The society we live in constantly reaches out for instant entertainment, brought to us by the gadgets mentioned above.

Always at the palm of your hand

What makes this entertainment instant is the fact that you can practically access it no matter where you are. The secret of mobile games’ success is precisely the fact that you do not have to be at home to play them, as is the case with standard video games. Instead, thanks to their portability, mobile games follow you wherever you go. They provide your first line of defense against boredom during the long bus rides, waiting in line, or during some other uninteresting activity.

Low-cost or free

While PC and console gaming are also very popular, they usually require some type of financial investment that a recreational gamer would see as a waste of money, and time. Mobile gaming has that advantage of offering great quality while being free, or at the very least, requiring a small sum to play, making them affordable to just about everyone.

You don’t have to be a “real” gamer

When we think about people who are “real” gamers, we usually picture passionate, dedicated people who have spent much of their lives in bringing their interest onto a whole new level. They keep track of the newest releases, invest in high tech equipment, and keep an eye out for all the ways to improve their gaming experience.

But, mobile gaming appeals to a much broader range of users, with a wide range of interests. Because of the sheer variety of choices out there, it is safe to say that there is something for just about everyone’s taste.

Many app developers and entertainment providers have realized the potential in making their products smartphone compatible. For instance, even the greatest giants in the gambling industry have realized the merits in becoming mobile-friendly, offering their regular customers fun on the go.

Fun and relaxing

Let’s just face it, playing games is fun! A little dose of virtual reality is something majority of us enjoy from time to time. And with the option of carrying your little portable fun-transmitter everywhere you go, you will never get a chance to get bored or frustrated when there is nothing to do.

As long as you have your phone next to you, the incredible app market will make sure that you are always able to access your personal den of entertainment.

Even more to come

Every day we witness some kind of new technological advancement that will improve our lives even more. When it comes to mobile gaming, although its popularity went through the roof, it has a long way to go. Game developers are certain that making old PC and console titles mobile platform-savvy is a recipe for success.
The industry is diving into a sea of change, and as of 2020, bringing technologies that will change how, and what, we play.