Top 5 VR Headset to Help Perfectly Capture the Casinos’ Jackpot

Don’t be left behind with the current changes in digital technology. The world of Virtual Reality gaming is becoming more apparent and online casinos are stepping up their game to bring a wave of new and stunning casino features that work through the medium of VR technology.

Take a seat at your favorite table inside the online casino and play the best card games with your avatar character, feel the cards, watch your opponents and count the chips as you step into a whole new world that is easily accessible from all devices, especially your mobile phone!

Getting the Best VR Online Casino Platform in the US

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Top 5 Headsets for Windows PC, Android and iPhone

  1. Oculus Go

    Long in production, this Oculus Go headset already has over a thousand VR apps available. With this, there is its own streaming services and games all offering a 360-degree experience. The immense experience within the realms of virtual reality comes untethered, so you don’t have to worry about the environment you play in because it works all within the headset. Browse, download and play!

  2. Lenovo Mirage Solo

    This is the very first standalone VR headset which is powered by Daydream. This is Google’s own VR platform which uses Googles insanely powerful motion-sensored software and tech’ called WorldSense. There are 6-degrees of freedom that allowplayers to jump, move, lean, duck and tilt, all without the need to set up additional sensors. The headset from Daydream comes with over 250 VR apps ready to utilize.

  3. Oculus Rift

    The lightest and probably most comfortable headset on the market. The VR device comes with hundreds of preinstalled games which you get to play with the highest rated touch controllers in the market for VR accessories. There are plenty of sophisticated features, but the standout advanced tool is the Dash. This harnesses power from your PC to create a visual command center.

  4. HTC Vive Pro

    With a screen resolution coming in at 2880 x 1600 pixels, 24% more face surface for more comfort and 3D audio, this is now advanced VR interface which makes it one of the very best in America. It has a higher cost and with good reason, once using this, you will know and sense where every dollar of it went in the production. Definitelythe purchase to have if you take your VR gaming seriously and consider yourself to be a pro.

  5. HTC Hive

    Built with a 2160 x 1200-pixel ratio, precise controller and tracking. This 110-degree surround field of view headset offers users the true version of first-person gameplay. This is the one everyone will want as it opens up your peripheral vision like no other headset does. Powered by SteamVR, you can also access over 1500 in-built games that come with automatic updates once plugged into your PC or Laptop.