Do Time Tracking Apps Improve Productivity?

Maintaining your productivity while working for hours is never easy. However, to achieve great results, you will need to be productive as well as creative and focused. Being distracted all the time while working will unquestionably harm your work performance. That’s why some companies and individuals choose to use time tracking apps.

With a time tracking app, you will feel more encouraged to work on your assignments within a certain time period. This type of apps also helps you to see how many hours you have spent working on certain projects or how many hours did your work last week or last month.

But, do these time tracking apps truly improve your productivity? What makes them so successful with those individuals who believed these apps will help them achieve better results? Let’s take a closer look at it and see how they can help you improve your productivity as well.

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Using a Time Tracking App

When you decide to try any of the time tracking apps available on the market, it probably means you want to track your results and improve your focus while working. With such an app, you can truly learn a lot about your working habits. For instance, after a month, you can realize the majority of your work is being done during the morning hours so you can leave your simple tasks, which don’t require so much focus, for the afternoon. This significantly helps you increase your productivity as you will work on your complex tasks when you have the highest level of concentration.

More importantly, working on a certain assignment when you know your clock is ticking will help you stay focused on that assignment. The biggest challenge to maintain your productivity is usually the feeling of having all the time in the world to complete your assignment. When you’re tracking the time, you feel more motivated to complete whatever you’re doing as soon as possible.

Obviously, time tracking is directly connected with your productivity. This type of apps won’t interrupt your work or harm your productivity in any way. While you’re ready to work, just turn on the app and focus on the task in front of you.

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Target Audience for Time Tracking Apps

So, who could actually benefit from a time-tracking app? Well, anyone who needs productivity to be successful in his or her job. If your job requires spending your working hours on a computer and staying focused on your tasks, you should consider having a time tracking app. No matter how many other apps you might be already using, a time tracking app should definitely be one of them.

The same way you are using a project management platform to stay organized or communication tools to stay connected with your team, a time tracking app will improve your productivity during all these activities. Some companies are even encouraging their employees to use them so they can see how many hours they spend working on particular projects. It’s also very beneficial for freelancers and remote workers who struggle with organizing their time and maintaining their productivity while working at home or in other locations.

Time Tracking Apps Are for Everyone, but They Will Not Help Everyone

Unfortunately, time tracking apps are not your magic wand that will immediately bring the results you want. A lot of it still depends on your working habits and dedication to your assignments. You can have numerous time tracking apps running in the background of your computer but if you’re not focused and motivated to work, an app will not be able to help you in any way.

After all, you’re the one that’s doing all the work and an app that tracks your time can only help you to do it better. For the majority of professionals across various industries, an app like this can tremendously improve their performance.


Having a time tracking app can help professionals and companies to improve their individual and team productivity. But, productivity and motivation cannot be forced or awoken by any app you decide to have. If you’re interested in improving your performance and want to see progress all the time, you should definitely try out a time-tracking app and see what benefits it will bring to your performance.