How Analytics Have Revolutionized The Gambling Industry

Online casinos like Timeform are one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and it feels as though the technology is advancing at a rapid rate. As more and more people get involved with online gambling, companies are looking for new ways to adapt to the ever-changing times. One technique that brands are utilising is big data analytics and smart marketing to provide customers with the technology they want.

New Ways to Collect Data

Reputable online casinos always source and store data in a safe and legal manner, to ensure that customer privacy isn’t compromised. In fact, for online casino companies, the need for careful processes is even more important as they come under increased scrutiny from the government. What is changing, however, is the way in which this data is collected – by monitoring the online activity of customers. Once an individual has created an account with a casino, they have instantly contributed data points which help develop a player profile for that chosen site which records their age, location and gender. Each time that person plays, sites collect more data to create a customised experience for that individual. Data collection goes even deeper than that though, by also analysing how long users are on the site and whether that presence changes depending on if they win or lose.

How Companies are Using Big Data Analytics

One of the main reasons for casinos to collect this data is so they can build marketing campaigns around the information they’ve gathered. This ensures that the games and offers that players receive are better suited to their requirements and interests, to encourage more people to play. They can also use the information to determine the bonuses and promotions that will best hold a customer’s attention. To the average person, this may seem like a lot of work for each player. But every player that uses an online casino spends money and that money soon adds up to become a multi-billion-pound industry, which is precisely what the online gambling industry has become in recent years.

A Greater Customer Experience

Big data also helps companies to provide a better user experience overall, such as providing better odds, something that massively impacts how likely it is that a customer will gravitate towards one brand over another. Because of this data, online casinos can also enable players to track their odds at different levels which has resulted in big data becoming one of the most important aspects of game design and consumer experiences. This tailored experience sets online casinos apart from brick and mortar casinos that aren’t able to personalise their customer experiences as easily. While not every site can utilise big data, larger brands are making good use of this information to implement data analytics into their marketing and user experience design strategies. The result is an exciting and personalised casino experience that perfectly matches each player’s tastes and interests, giving brands who make use of this technique an edge over the competition.