What Makes a DNA Test Kit the Best Gift?

Finding the perfect gift is always a yearly struggle. When you have given almost everything you can think of, what else is there to give? Nowadays, highly personalized presents are always in demand and one unique item you can gift a special loved one is a DNA test kit. You might think it sounds a little offbeat, but there are plenty of good reasons why a DNA test makes a perfect present.

What is a DNA test kit?

It is likely that you have already heard about DNA test kits because millions of people buy them each year. In the past, DNA testing was purely for scientific purposes, but ever since the technology became widely available for commercial applications, companies jumped at the chance to offer consumers the option to get their DNA tested.

A home DNA test offers various information depending on what you are looking for. Perhaps you want to know where your ancestors came from, or you want more information about your genetic predisposition to contracting certain diseases. The purpose of the DNA test will determine which company can provide you with the most suitable services.

Different types of DNA tests and their purposes

Now it’s one thing to consider giving a DNA test kit as a gift. But how do you know which one is best for the recipient? The following are different types of DNA tests available today and the information each kind of test will reveal:

  • Autosomal DNA test. Autosomes refer to the 22 chromosomes every person has. The 23rd chromosome is the sex chromosome, which determines the person’s gender. This type of DNA test is the most popular because it can provide information about ancestry, geographical heritage, and predisposition to certain diseases like cancer.
  • Mitochondrial DNA test. One essential feature of mitochondrial DNA is that it is passed down from the maternal side. This test is only applicable when a person wants to trace maternal lineage or find a long lost relative, like a person’s birth mother.
  • Y DNA test. As the name suggests, this type of test is only applicable to men and is primarily done to determine paternity. Similar to mitochondrial DNA, this type of test is useful in tracing and finding patrilineal relations.

Depending on the purpose of the test, you can select a DNA test company and buy a kit which you can give away as a gift.

Who benefits from receiving a DNA test kit?

No doubt receiving a DNA test is indeed unique and exciting. There is always a fascination with learning about history and tracing a person’s lineage. But a DNA test kit is not for everyone. For someone who wants to keep his or her history private, a DNA test is perhaps not welcome. In addition to infringing on someone’s privacy, learning about predisposition to certain diseases could prove destructive, rather than empowering for a person.

The bottom line is, giving a DNA test kit as a gift is unique and special, but should be given with caution and only to individuals who appreciate learning about their ancestry or getting more information about their health.