Best VR Games to Play Right Now

Technology has brought about a lot of evolution when it comes to gaming. Pc requirements are getting more and more affordable by the day. Not only are those, more game titles with virtual reality support becoming available. Because of this virtual reality gaming has become more accessible.

Game developers like HTC, PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift continuously churn our great, enthralling AAA experiences. These include Skyrim, Doom and Tetris Effect. They are also making sure that they create some really fun titles that players will be able to play anywhere. It seems like 2019 is a very good year in terms of virtual reality games as new headsets are being created.

Below, we list the best virtual reality games to play right now. Oh, before we forget, you can also play your favourite australian online casinos games at a virtual reality casino.

Beat Saber

This is a kinetic rhythm game. In the game, you are expected to clash blocks that are colour coded. You do this to the beat of music in the background. You will have to make use of 2 motion controllers which you have to swipe either horizontally or vertically. At occasions, you will have to hold the controller in a position is as to rack up points. During gameplay, the blocks to be slashed draw closer to you and you must keep up with the beat.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

This game will give you a closer look at Tamriel. The game comes with some great features. These include fully tracked motion controls. That means you get to block incoming attacks and swing your sword using real gestures. To move through the game, you do so through walking around in your room, direct input on a controller or teleportation.

Doom VFR

This is the adaptation of 2016’s Doom and can be found at sports betting websites, casinos, PlayStation and many more game consoles. This virtual reality game is well suited to room-scale or a standing setup. During gameplay, you are supposed to lower or raise your profile, as well as quickly turn so as to deal with incoming threats.