5 Essentials To Get Your Blog Noticed

In the recent years, blogging has emerged as one of the most sought-after tools for SEO. The importance of blogging for businesses can not be undermined any more. With time more businesses are investing in blogs and the need for good relevant content has risen. If you have a business, you would already know this and if not, it is time to invest in a good blog.

A good blog not only increases visibility but also engages relevant audiences. Potential customers who have landed on your website might be looking for more information, and your blog is the perfect way to give them just what they want. What are the basics that go into a relevant blog?

1. Research

A well-researched blog makes its mark more than you think. If a potential customer has landed on your site, chances are that they have either been referred or your services are relevant to their needs. Appropriate information and case studies on your website will drive customers to believe that you are truly committed to their cause. Extra information will also let them know that you are capable and knowledgeable in your field. This is also how you convert traffic on your website. When you write your content, include keywords that are relevant to your business.

2. Keywords

What are keywords? Words in your article that are relevant to your business and the most searched on search engines are keywords. Strategically positioned keywords will show up on the first page of search engines, provided your website has a relevant ranking on the SERPs. Create impactful content which is relevant to the readers as well as search engines that crawl and index your website. Include driving words in the headings, titles, introductory and concluding paragraphs, anchor text and page URLs of the blogs. Researching keywords is not simple and this is where you can employ the services of reputable companies like blogger outreach agency like Outreach Monks who will give you end to end business solutions.

3. Optimize images

Ensure that you include keywords in the file name of the images you insert in your blog. Fill in the alternate text fields with a brief description which has concise, crisp and readable content.

4. References and mentions

When you mention other bloggers and websites in your blog or guest post, it is ethical practice to include a link to the information you’re referring. This helps you procure links to other websites if they do the same for you. These links to other reputed websites will also get you a higher ranking on the SERPs.

5. Subscribe buttons

The readers might want to keep an eye on your blog for further updates. Include feed subscription or RSS buttons to enable subscribers to keep abreast of all the new posts via email. Increase readership because readers don’t have to keep checking in for new updates. There are high chances that most readers won’t come back at all. The subscribe button calls action to drive more traffic on your website.

Enjoy higher traffic and conversion rates, higher revenue and boost your website ranking on the search engines with a real blog with good quality content. Do you need more reasons to invest in a blog?


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