Know Something About Mobile Phones and Cloud Computing

The rate at which technology changes these days may be hard for even IT professionals to keep up with it. Today mobiles phones are increasingly replacing lap tops and computers. For businesses, this may pose huge security risks as employees are coming into the office with their personal mobile phones and accessing company data with them. If you want to stay away from this threat and want to relax, then can help you in an excellent manner. The main issue is that these employees will even access company data through insecure connections that may compromise the security of the whole system. That is why cloud migration is being adopted by most companies for the added security it brings.

No matter what a company does, employees will still manage to bring in their devices into the office. These devices are used to access social media sites and download pictures or music from suspect sites. Since these devices are not company devices, it will be hard to apply company IT policies with its restrictions on them. This can mean that the whole IT system may be open to attack from viruses. Yes, it is correct. Doesn’t matter you are using home computer or business computing technology; you are always at the risk of damaging virus attack.

This can be very frustrating for a company’s IT staff who work very hard to maintain security at all fronts only for that security to be breached by employees accessing company data on their mobile phones through unsecured networks. These IT professionals will not have to worry so much when they finally do a cloud migration

Why the clouds

Through cloud based computing, the IT department will not have to worry about the devices from which users access company data. What they need do is to define security measures required of any one accessing company data from anywhere. Once a company’s IT services are in the cloud, all the company’s security measures as defined by the IT department will apply to every on the network irrespective of where they are accessing the system or the device they are using.

Also when if you take your IT services to the clouds, you can have better control on who has access to what data. Once data is in the cloud, any security measure that is set applies automatically. This will ensure that only authorized person get accessed to particular data.

Apart from security issues, cloud migration can help ease the work of employees who are working from different locations. Employees can access secured data of using their smartphones as long as they have been authorized to use these mobile phones.

As you move to the clouds, it becomes easier to manage risks that are associated with your system. The IT department can easily check usage trends of employees even if they are accessing the system through the cloud. This cam help the It department detect threats to the system very early when such threats can still be managed.

Cloud computing enables any file of any size to be stored and accessed at different locations. This reduces the need for expensive hardware and its associated cost. Today it’s fairly easy to have It policies on mobile phone usage with its associated restrictions when your IT system is in the clouds.

Today, you can see that cloud computing has assisted companies decrease costs and improve flexibility, eventually increasing effectiveness. The company’s sales force can now be on the way and access the information they want about customer activity anytime and from anywhere. This skill to have virtual data storage even permits companies to give more apps and software to their workforce.