EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is a very effective piece of software that is designed for experts and newbie alike. There are many things to like about this software including a good number of features and the recovery process is also very good. It performs up to expectations and is backed by excellent customer support.

Quick recovery of lost/deleted files

Whether you deliberately or accidentally erase files on your hard disk, you should be pleased to note that this hard drive recovery software will restore the deleted files without much difficulty. It is a hard drive recovery software that makes good use of a number of outstanding utilities that each packs a punch and is designed to meet the needs of everyone. It is available on both Mac and Windows platforms and will easily help you recover the files you deleted and which you thought were gone for good. Even better, it offers an excellent user experience.

Quick scanning

The first thing that strikes you about EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is it is able to scan your hard drive quickly and very thoroughly. It offers external hard drive recovery features and it also does the same for removable media. When it comes to scanning your system, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free can perform different kinds of scans depending on your needs. It can do a quick scan and it is also capable of doing a deep scan. It can recover deleted or lost files and is also capable of recovering information from a corrupt partition.

Recover from various sources

As mentioned, this hard drive recovery software can recover files from an external hard drive and it is also capable of doing the same with removable media and SD cards.
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is a comprehensively functional piece of hard drive recovery freeware with a one GB limit which is enough for most uses. If you want more, then you will need to upgrade to the paid software.

Three choices

At the outset, you have three basic choices to make. The first is to recover deleted files and the second is to recover files from a partition. The third is a complete file recovery. The opening screen of this hard drive recovery software allows you to look for lost files automatically or you can also choose to look for files by their types and you can specify for the software to ignore any bad sectors it encounters.

Choose what you want to recover

The nice thing about using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is it does a very quick and thorough job of finding files in the automatic mode. It then shows the results in a separate window. You can choose which files you want to recover and then the software begins the recovery process.

Overall, this is one very capable piece of hard drive recovery software. The one GB limit does not bother you much though you may want to increase this by upgrading to the paid version. If you have deleted or lost a file, then it makes sense for you to test out EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free. If you need more, then you can upgrade but the free version will serve most needs.