Important Factors that Affect the Quality of Screen Recording Videos

As you can probably imagine the factors affecting the quality of screen recording videos are similar to conventional videos – while being distinct at the same time. Understanding the more important factors that are at work could help you to improve the quality of any screen recording videos that you capture.

Quality of Screen Recording

In particular there are three main factors that you should take into account:

  • Resolution

    Recording videos in higher resolutions produces a sharper-looking image with better definition. In screen recording however the resolution that you record in will be the resolution of the area of your screen that you’re capturing.

    In other words the maximum resolution that you can record in is when you’re capturing the full screen – in which case it will be the resolution of your display. That places an upper limit on the resolution that you can capture using screen recording.

  • Frame rate

    If you increase the frame rate when recording a video using screen recording, it will look smoother and more fluid due to the additional frames in each second of the video. While any frame rate above 30 is considered ‘good’, if you want to really record the best quality videos you should aim for 60 frames per second.

    In screen recording videos the frame rate often has a more pronounced impact on the perceived quality of videos. That is because people are used to apps and software running on monitors that display at 60 frames per second, and anything less than that doesn’t look as smooth as what they’re accustomed to.

    Additionally the higher frame rate will make fast movements such as the mouse cursor much easier to track.

  • System performance

    One factor that people often overlook is the system performance, but it often has a big part to play. The fact of the matter is that screen recording will capture everything as it appears on your screen – so if your operating system or software are slow and sluggish that will affect your recording.

Unfortunately this is one factor that isn’t easy to cope with, especially because recording at higher resolutions and frame rates will require more system resources. Taking steps such as closing any unnecessary apps and background processes can help could help reduce the load, but if that doesn’t help you may need to record at lower resolutions and frame rates – or upgrade your computer.

Sometimes using a screen recording software with editing features can help you improve the quality of the videos that you record. For example you could use Movavi Screen Capture Studio and follow the steps at

Being aware of how each of the factors listed above can affect the quality of your screen recording videos is a good start, and should allow you to make improvements as required. As you can see in most cases all you need to do is improve the recording parameters, and the affect that it has on your video should be very visible.