YouTube Videos Not Playing on Your PC? Shows How to Fix It

One of the many common issues that are usually encountered online with computers is the inability to play YouTube videos. Regardless of which browser you are currently using, this problem can be caused by a number of reasons. Fortunately, most of these issues are usually related to software and not hardware, making it easier and a lot less time-consuming to deal with. Here are just a few ways by that potentially fix these kinds of issues.

Make sure that your browser is updated

An outdated browser can potentially be at fault for YouTube videos refusing to load or not functioning as intended, and it’s good common practice to always keep them updated. While they do often come with a function that automatically updates themselves, there are times when it must be manually done and this can be accomplished by first checking the current version and then proceeding with the update either through the developer’s site or through the browser’s settings option.

Cookies, cache files, and history should be cleared regularly

An accumulation of cache files, cookies and history can also lead to the browsers inability to load YouTube videos. A general rule of thumb is to maintain the browser by regularly clearing these files. Not only can it potentially fix the issue but it should also enhance the user experience by improving its performance significantly. This can oftentimes make a difference too when you consider how many system resources YouTube usually takes up.

Restart the computer

If the abovementioned fail, it may be best to reboot the system and try it again. You’ll be surprised at how simply restarting a computer can fix a multitude of problems including but not necessarily limited to streaming and watching YouTube videos online. It can even do wonders for how well the system runs too since a restart will undoubtedly clear tasks that aren’t being used but still take up resources.

Re-install the browser

If all else fails, it may be time to re-install the browser as its data may have been corrupted; no amount of restarting or updating can remedy this. Fortunately, it’s as easy to do as it is quick, and involves little more than taking the current browser out of the system using the Add and Remove Programs application and reinstalling the software.
Not unlike many video-streaming websites, it’s not rare to encounter problems when loading videos via YouTube. But they aren’t difficult to fix either, and with the methods listed above, you should be able to overcome this problem with relative ease. Always remember to maintain your system to keep everything in good working order too, and it is advisable to use an optimization software if you have one at your disposal.


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