Playing Paintball Online vs Real Game

It’s a bit like online dating, you know?

You can chat with the person all you want online, but when you meet that not-so-strange stranger, the experience could be totally different. Similarly with paintball, giving it a shot in a virtual world and actually being physically in the thick of battle are two completely different worlds. For one, you are sitting comfortably in your room, swearing to high heavens on that particular target that just always seems to get away while you die, chomping on whatever snacks are nearby. While in paintball, you’re working up a sweat, feeling the adrenalin rush as you keep an eye out for enemies, and cover your friends while inching your way towards victory.

Is there any comparison between the two? I would say, hell no!

If you have skin that bruises super easily, are allergic to the sun, or are a vampire that prefers the darkness of night – you may find that online paintball is just up your alley. If you want to enjoy the beauty of summer, and want to play outside, then really – paintball is the way to go.

What things do you need for Playing Paintball Online vs Real Game

Online paintball will require your laptop, a mouse, and great Wifi. A comfy chair, your bed, an ac and other amenities will be all bonus products, making sure you are as comfy in your room as you possibly can be.

Real life paintball will see a long list of things – but the top of the list will be a paintball marker for sure and you should click here: to check out the best paintball markers for both beginners and advanced players. Apart from a paintball marker, you will need head gear, protection from the whizzing paintball pellets that can do more damage than imagined if you are not protected well.

You could choose to have add-ons to your marker if you want to really up your game and competitive paintball is a serious sport – one that many players take to heart. You won’t find the same level of competition in an online game vs real life paintball, because physically being there, fighting for each point while trying to stay ‘alive’ is a totally different scenario from just starting again in a virtual world.

Your money, time, and pride are at stake in a real life game. You have team members to strategize with, to protect and cover, while having a team you’re up against, whose skills could far exceed yours.

When it comes to a challenge, real life paintball offers unknown parameters that could turn the tide in the game. From the gear your team uses, to your luck, to your evasive skills, your observation skills, your true aim and leadership skills. When it comes to showing off an all rounded true soldier of paintball war – only one battle reveals the true winner – a battle on a paintball arena, where paintball guts and glory both adorn the winners and losers.

Which one do YOU prefer?

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