A Tech Infused Life

The technology of today has played a vital role in shaping modern existence as we know it. There are various daily undertakings that have changed forever. We no longer communicate and interact in the same manner as we did 10 years ago and even now today; with technology growing at a rapid rate, daily life is constantly being shaped around us.

It’s exciting and daunting; inspired change that has allowed for a dynamic flow through life. The technology available today encompasses a wide variety of unique tools that have been finely perfected over generations. These tools not only help us accomplish daily tasks like playing the online pokies NZ has to offer and send emails, but add a sense of depth to daily existence. It is precisely our daily existence that we take for granted every day, which has changed in many surprising ways.

We Have Digital Cards

Way back when snail mail was the most popular form of communication, simply because it was the only option; we used to send out hand written cards or letters to family, friends and other loved ones.

The modern age of information and communication has bridged that gap and today there are many various options to say I love you or thinking about you, in an instant.

Messaging platforms like WhatsApp, emails, regular texts and even e-cards can be sent and received instantly through the web.

Dating Digitally

It used to be a tedious effort whereby hand picking and courting a lady was a revered affair. Technology and the internet has indeed infiltrated the dating realm and it will never be the same. In today’s digital age dating has become as commonplace as checking the time.

There are a multiplicity of online dating platforms to choose from. Smartphones even have dedicated dating apps that allow users to flip through countless potential suites profiles effortlessly. Technology is so interconnected that if you happen to take a budding interest in someone, it’s possible to dig deeper with the likes of Facebook and other social media sites.

Our Social Presence

We no longer go out to see or be seen. The simple truth is that our lives are online. It only makes sense that our entire social presence and demeanour revolves around our social media profiles.

Social media has changed the way we communicate with friends and family. It’s the go to tool for consuming the latest news/gossip. It’s a useful tool for checking in on friends and loved ones and the majority of the planet has a profile, making it an easily accessible platform for information on almost anyone.

Consuming Information

This new age is an age of innovation and free access to information. We’re completely flooded with an abundance of information at the disposal of our fingertips. The technology of today has empowered us. We live with nifty tools in the palm of our hands, which allow us to consume information on the go.

Devices like e-readers have replaces a multiplicity of books, allowing for up to date e-books at the click of a button. This fundamental combined with the Internet has propelled people to a new level of scholarship, aiding us in our never ending quest to know more.

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