Pieces of Office Equipment That Every Office Needs

The modern options for equipping an office are voluminous and more than a little confusing if you haven’t kept up. The technology choices alone are enough to support their own research project, but some of the more mundane pieces of equipment are just as important, if not more important, than the products from the impress-the-clients category.

Among all the available equipment, some items are necessities, even if it might seem the budget would be better spent elsewhere. If you are in the market for an upgrade, a remodel or if you’re just starting out and need ideas for your first pass at a productive office, here are some things to consider.

Air Quality

Even if your building has central air conditioning, the fact is you will be relying on electronics of some kind in your office responsibilities. This means you need to think like a network operations center even if you are just doing the occasional billing statement for an architect. An air purifier will not only help prolong the useful life of your electronics, but it will also help contribute to a better and healthier environment for you and your colleagues.

It should be pointed out that if your office does not have central air conditioning, you will need to provide some means of controlling the indoor temperature. Computers and other devices that rely on electronic components will degrade rapidly if they are exposed to high temperatures, humidity or continuous and wide-scale temperature changes.


One need only consult the nearest news web site to see the potential for data loss, identity theft, fraud and all manner of financial peril that awaits the unsuspecting business owner. Your documents and sensitive papers are a treasure trove for unscrupulous people looking for an easy way to reach into your financial accounts or use your identifying information to avail themselves of a fradulent transaction or two.

Every business should not only own a crosscut shredder but should have a policy of destroying any document before it is discarded in any location that is publicly accessible, even by a janitorial crew.


If your company hosts data on-site, especially if that data is owned by or preserved for the benefit of your clients, you should have an uninterruptible power supply. If your business depends on data stored in an A3 Printer, for example, proper and continuous operation should be your top priority. A power spike or a sudden loss of power could not only damage your hardware, but could cause data loss depending on how your systems are set up. A UPS gives you the ability to properly wind down a running machine even in the event of a total blackout.

These equipment choices might not sound all that exciting, but when the risks are taken into consideration, they are obvious choices for both saving money and potentially saving your company in the process