World Of Warcraft – MMO Staple

World of Warcraft is an MMO, or massively multiplayer online game. For those unaware, this means the game is played in a shared online world, with thousands of players able to inhabit the digital space, and play alongside one another.

Released in 2004, and still going strong today, WoW is the longest running MMO, and has achieved such success as to be remarkable. Many other MMO attempts have been made by big studios, and although achieving various degrees of success, Wow is notable for having endured so long, and somehow remaining so popular.

What is the secret to WoW being as successful as River Belle casino and other online entities?

An Evolving Product

One of the most notable aspects of WoW is that it has been evolving ever since it’s initial release. At its starting point the game was already impressive in its scope, but has become ever more expansive over the years. The game world has grown and changed, with content being added at a regular pace.

Plus, the characters playable have also evolved, growing ever more impressive in design, and ever more powerful. When looking at Wow upon release, and comparing it to the WoW of today, it is clear to see that the developers have been anything but idle.

A Strong Community

But perhaps the most important aspect of WoW success is how firmly the game is geared towards creating communities. A player can enjoy the game solo for a while, but after a certain point it is strongly suggested that the player team up with other players. This, of course, gives the player a social grounding in the game world, encouraging them to return, even if just to say hello to friends.

In this regard, WoW is one of the strongest MMOs, due simply to the long standing game communities, which have existed for over a decade. Who wouldn’t be invested in a game, when so many friends are still occupying it?

Addictive Design

But development and community are second to WoW’s biggest draw; the addictive nature of it’s design. Wow is first and foremost designed around growing stronger, which is achieved by levelling up. In order to level up, players must participate in the game’s various missions and quests.

At first, levelling up seems easy, but quickly becomes a long, arduous process. But, with each level comes privileges, advantages, and prestige. Want to be a respected player in WoW? Then best get working, committing time, and getting more powerful.

Perfect Storm

It has been argued that other MMO games have made better efforts, offer better graphics, and or simply more accessible all round. But WoW is simply a perfect storm of success, even if it is not one of the most exciting mobile trends around. It released at a time when few other MMOs offered competition, and had the exact right amount of addictive design and appeal.

At its peak, WoW had a staggering 10 million players. At its lowest point, it had 1 million players. On average it sees about 5 million players. Keeping in mind the game has been around since 2004, this is truly remarkable.

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