Are Gaming Consoles Coming To An End?

Gaming consoles have started struggling to justify their new hardware versions. Will console gaming ever fade away, and turn into a PC dominated world?

Are Gaming Consoles Coming To An End?

It seems like just yesterday that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were locked in a popularity contest. Amazing games were coming out for both systems, and the population seemed to be divided between the two mega-corporations. It was a good time for gaming, given that the two parties were receiving incredible support from amazing developers.

But, jump a few years ahead to modern times and the battle is much less fierce. Most agree that Sony and the PlayStation 4 have won this generation, achieving a great deal more popularity and success than Microsoft and the Xbox One.

And now, with not much ceremony, yet another wave of consoles has been released. The PlayStation 4 Pro is out, opposed by the Xbox One S, and Xbox One x. The problem is, however, that the world is not exactly on fire to grab the new consoles. In fact, the release of both consoles seems to have been met with a universal shrug from the general populace.

Are consoles coming to an end?

Where To Go From Here?

The truth is that the leaps in technology with console hardware have practically come to a grinding halt, and that even the online pokies NZ have to offer are getting more advanced and sophisticated. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were not as impressive as many assumed, with the only real benefits being a slight increase in graphical fidelity. And even then, the graphics were not as impressive as had been imagined.

Today, most would agree that games look about as good as they need to, so simply adding better graphics to games no longer has the impact it once did. For the most part, games are not that different from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 generation. In other words; console developers are struggling to justify new hardware purchases.

Time To Go Universal?

It has long been the case that console technology has lagged significantly behind PC technology. Even now, the much touted Xbox One X, billed as the most powerful console in history, is roughly the same as a mid-range gaming PC. In other words; the Xbox One X is technically outdated on the day of it’s release.

This is an arguable point, of course, given that consoles work differently to gaming PCs, but more than a few gamers are making the migration to the PC platform, simply to take advantage of the better graphics, and upgradable nature of the machines.

Is it perhaps time for all gaming to move to a universal platform like the PC?

The Future Will Tell

It is an interesting time for the video game industry for a number of reasons, the foremost perhaps as to how console manufacturers will keep their hardware relevant. Virtual Reality has arrived, and has made a splash. It doesn’t seem like games will go exclusively VR any time soon, but it is interesting to see the market expanding into new avenues.
As to whether the future will go permanently universal any time soon remains to be seen. Although Microsoft and Sony will not go down without a fight.

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