5 Highlights of CES 2018

It’s that time of year, where the best and brightest minds in consumer technology descend upon the Las Vegas Convention Centre for CES 2018. The Consumer Electronics Show held it the start of each year is the pinnacle event on any tech geek’s calendar. No matter what the industry, if it’s impacted by consumer technology, you’ll find the latest innovations by manufacturing giants and creative startups showcased right here.

If you want a quick glimpse into the not-too-distant future, the product showcases during CES deliver exactly that. So to satisfy your inner-geek, we’ve compiled a list of highlights that this year’s show had to offer.

1. LG Rollable OLED TV

One of the most talked about products at the show this year was LG’s 65 inch rollable OLED TV. That’s right, the future of bending screens is on the horizon with LG blazing the trail with its 4K prototype. Although still in its concept phase, LG has managed to solidify a working prototype with a 65 inch OLED screen that rolls discreetly into its base.

2. Nvidia’s Big Format Gaming Display

Whatever you do, do not confuse Nvidia’s newest offering with a smart TV. This year at CES the company announced a set of 65 inch 4K monitors which they are calling Big Format Gaming Displays. This 120Hz beast with 4K HDR panel and built in SHIELD TV is every PC gamers dream come true. Now this is what you call high-end gaming!

But it’s not just gamers that should keep an eye on this release, if you look past the gaming elements that Nvidia’s Big Format Gaming Displays offer, you’ll see that it could potentially become one of the best smart TV’s that money can buy. It boasts display quality that rivals TV giants like Samsung and has one of the best built in media streamers on the market today.

3. Sony’s Aibo

Sony’s iconic robotic puppy Aibo showed off its new tricks at CES 2018. This all-new version of Aibo uses some of the most thoughtful and intelligent uses of sensors, AI and robotics to date. The adorable robotic dog can now dance, find a bone and recognize people in your family, mimicking the experience of raising a real puppy. Aibo drew large crowds at CES with its charming and realistic display of canine capabilities, making it one of the highlights of this year’s showcase.

4. Lenovo’s Mirage Solo

In terms of VR headsets, Lenovo made a few ripples at CES 2018 with its Mirage Solo- a standalone VR device that practically eclipses any other device out there. Utilizing Google’s Daydream software, impressive immersion features, as well as surprisingly good resolution and contrast, this is without a doubt the forward thinking VR device to aspire to in 2018.

5. Samsung’s The Wall

Get ready for home entertainment and the chance to play online Roulette NZ games like you’ve never experienced before. Samsung presented its 146 inch Micro LED TV aptly named The Wall to excited crowds at CES this year. Capable of producing deep blacks and dazzling contrasts of vivid colours, this behemoth micro-LED display eliminates the need for a backlight. Impressive to say the least, Samsung’s The Wall is one of the most talked about products of CES 2018.