3 Ways to Reset Windows 7 Password If Forgotten

Passwords are mandatory for those users whose entire work depends upon computers. In order to safeguard your important assets, like videos, documents, images, worksheets, research catalogues, salary receipts, and many more, you create a password to protect them all. Besides there are times when there are risks of exploitation by unexpected intruders or perturbation from kids lurking around. On such occasions it is not at all safe to leave your system unprotected, so set out with creating password.

But if you are not using your that particular admin account in a while, you are most likely to forget it in due time, thereby inviting severe losses.

If you are really one of the users of such a loss, let us pacify you with the announcement that there is no need to freak out at all. We are here to show you 3 wonderful ways to help you fix your problem in a shorter span of time than the usual.

Continue reading to know how to fix your password losing trouble in less than a minute in the ways mentioned below.

Way #1: Recollect Your Forgotten Password

Most often we scrap our head with so many technical strategies that we forget to implement even the simplest possibilities available right in front of our eyes. Thus guessing your password wouldn’t be inappropriate to say as it would not only save you the trouble of unnecessary labor but would also save you from using complex tool’s directives which might seem next to impossible if you are a novice with computers.

Generally the passwords, even the highly complicated ones are inspired by silly details like, favorite colors, specific places, and people. Here are some hints listed below to churn your mind so that you can recollect the password out of your vivid memory:

  • Birthdays
  • Your car number
  • Your favorite color
  • Your favorite holiday destination
  • Your spouse’s name
  • Any frequently dialed number
  • Any favorite set of number

You can try out any of these options to spur your memory for a while to discover your long lost password.

In case the trick doesn’t seem to work, try out the next method to make the finding more precise.

Way #2: Reset Password with PCUnlocker Tool

If you don’t have an alternative admin account or a password reset disk, then this method is the perfect one to regain your access to your locked out admin account. The steps for the following method are described below:

Step 1. From a working computer download the PCUnlocker utility file and save the Zip file archive to your computer for later use.

Step 2. Now, extract the archive and you will get to see a ISO file, named pcunlocker.iso . Now burn the ISO image file into a bootable disk utilizing two freewares ImgBurn or ISO2Discs.

Step 3. Boot your locked computer using the bootable USB or CD/DVD disk. For that you might need to change your boot preference order from your PC’s BIOS settings.

Step 4. Once it is booted to the PCUnlocker program, choose your locked user account and click on “Reset password’ button to proceed.

Step 5. Reboot your system and it will unlock your Windows 7 password quickly. It might take few minutes depending upon the complexity of the password.


  • It requires additional freewares like ISO2Disc or ImgBurn.
  • It might take some time before the password feature is unlocked before it displays the admin home screen.

Way #3: Reset Password with iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro Utility

Though third-party tools reduce a lot of time and make the recovery efforts smoother than expected, yet you cannot rely on each one of them, as there are few tools which instead of resolving your issue extend them to an extra length due to malfunctioning or causing unexpected damages to your system files. Thus it is highly recommended to be cautious while selecting password recovery tool.

And if that is the concern, then iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro tool would be the finest and the most secured choice to make.

About iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro Tool:

iSeePassword Password Recovery Tool is one of the popular password recovery tools which has gained popularity in the recent times because of its exceptional services provided to millions of users across the Internet. Few of the features of the tool are enlisted below:

  • It loses no data from the locked account.
  • It bypasses the password inquiry feature instead of cracking the forgotten password.
  • It removes passwords from all types of account, be it local user account, administrative account, domain account, and root account.
  • It doesn’t require re-installation of the OS.
  • It requires no internet connection to carry out the process.
  • It supports all Windows OS versions, such as XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10.
  • It boots up from both devices- USB drive, and CD/DVD.
  • Technical support is available 24×7.

Pre-requites to use iSeePassword Recovery Tool:

  • An accessible computer.
  • An empty USB or CD/DVD with at least 500 MB storage.
  • The iSeePassword Program file.

How to Use iSeePassword Manual:

Step 1. Download iSeePassword:

  • First of all, download the utility file into a spare computer and install it. Next launch it with administrative privileges.
  • In case you have downloaded the trial version of the software, purchase it to make it full-version by entering the key provided during the purchase.

Step 2. Create the Bootable Disk:

  • Choose “USB or CD/DVD” as your media type from the main UI screen.
  • Insert the empty USB stick and click on “Burn USB” option to burn the ISO files into the bootable disk. Click “Ok” when you receive the notification “Burning Successfully!”.

Step 3. Select Boot Order from BIOS Settings

  • Insert the bootable loaded disk into the locked down computer, and press any of the keys specific to your computer to enter the “Device Priority Menu” of the “BIOS” settings. Change the boot order with the drive which contains the iSeePassword program file.
  • Now select your user account and click on “Reset Password” and “Reboot” option to finish the process.

Once all the mentioned steps are executed, your system would take a restart nap and once it wakes up, there be no password inquiry and you will get the clean access to your previously locked user account.


Here in this article, we have exemplified 3 marvelous methods to resolve your issue with forgetting system passwords. The methods are laid out in such a simpler manner that even a novice can pull it off in no time. But if you are really on to getting 100% efficiency, then it would be best to choose iSeePassword as your sailing support. Needless to say, as you have figured out already, that the first 2 methods accrues some demerits which don’t make it fitting for a guaranteed output, but iSeePassword is one such tool which has no setbacks and thus can be completely relied upon.

So if you have found the article helpful in any way, visit iSeePassword website ( https://www.iseepassword.com/ ) to explore more such articles with similar issues