3 Things That Computer Fixperts Tested and Reviewed to Find the Most Inexpensive Data Recovery Software on the Market in 2017

As a business, you always want to make sure that your data and information is safely stored. Most of the time, data loss happens when you least expect it, which could damage your business in the long run. There are many ways to which data is lost. An employee could disconnect a hard drive improperly, could delete files accidentally and even a virus could lead to data loss. When you remove data from your computer, it usually stays on the hard drive until more information is stored on it. That is how data recovery software recovers the data which is lost.

If you are looking for data recovery software to help retrieve lost files, this write up should help you find the best data recovery software in the market. Below, we share with you the things that we tested and reviewed to come up with the list of this recovery software.

1. Recovery

The primary thing you are looking for from a recovery software is its ability to recover lost files. We tested it by trying to recover files from a hard drive. One of the primary reasons for losing data on a hard drive is either from data being deleted or if it is formatted.

Because scanning and recovering data take time, speed is essential when it comes to recovering the files. We tested different software and found out that most of them recovered all the data that was lost. Most of the data recovery software in the market does recovery of almost 90%.

If it is a formatted hard disk, the process of recovery is a bit more advanced than the normal one. Because the files are deleted, and others are saved, getting the lost data will mean accessing the raw data.

2. Ease of Use

When you settle for data recovery software, you want to use it efficiently because your data is sensitive and it needs to be recovered quickly without the possibility of distorting it. When installing the software, you want to find one that happens with a few clicks without following too many prompts.

If you want to find data recovery software, it should be able to be used by the average person or an IT expert. Whether you are a small startup or an enterprise, you don’t want to struggle too much to recover the files. The products that are highly regarded in the market make it easy to find drives and scan them for recovery.

3. Features

If you are looking for a software to help you recover data for your business, it is important to take action immediately. This software will come with different features depending on what you are looking for. They will also have different prices depending on the characteristics available.
One of the features includes having access to a remote network which will enable you to find data from a hard drive which is on your local network. Another feature you can look for if you want to connect to more than one computer is the software that comes with a license.
If you are looking for software with works with a RAID system, you can search for data recovery software with this capability.

Many reasons can lead to data loss. Losing relevant data such as financial records and personal information of your customers can make them not trust you as a business and will stop working with you.