4 Ways to Make Money as a Professional Gamer

Most of us would probably describe our dream jobs as those wherein we can do the things that we love while making a lot of money at it. In this digital age when information transfer and connectivity are rapidly evolving, more opportunities have been opened for people of different passions and fields of expertise. One of the fastest growing industries worldwide is electronic sports or eSports. Although it encompasses a wide range of disciplines, online multiplayer video game competitions are its most popular forms.

If you are an avid player of your favorite game, there are actually a lot of ways wherein you can earn money for a living. You don’t need to be an elite player to make money from gaming as there some methods that you can try. It is also not uncommon for elite players to average six-figure salaries every month. And with a lot of patience and practice, you can get there too! Meanwhile, here are four practical ways that you can try to earn money as a professional gamer.

1. Set up a gaming blog.

Making your own gaming blog is one of the best choices that you have if you are looking for a long-term opportunity. Your potential grows even more if you have the talent and passion for web designing, writing, and entertaining your followers through video streaming. You do not always need to set up a hosted website too as you can avail of free blogging services and social networking sites as well. Start earning online by writing game guides, creating live streams and podcasts, making commentaries and reviews, and providing other exclusive contents to gamers.

2. Provide boosting and coaching services.

Another way to earn money as a professional gamer is to provide boosting and coaching services to beginners and experienced players alike. Through boosting, you can help other players rank up by playing the game with their accounts. You can also offer real-time coaching services and give out some tips to help them excel. Set up an organized coaching plan so that you won’t get lost along the way. You can also help them advance in the game by suggesting hacks like this controversial cheat code from IWantCheats.

3. Join eSports tournaments.

If you consider yourself as one of the better players of your favorite video game, then you might as well try joining elite organizations and participate in tournaments. A lot of gaming clubs provide a stable salary to their members while other players need to shoulder their own expenses when competing in tournaments. Still, your goal is to win every game and get the coveted title and cash prize for your team. The key to winning in tournaments is, of course, to practice a lot and to have proper discipline all the way.

4. Get paid to test games.

If you think that becoming an elite player is a far-fetched idea for you right now, then you can spend your time as a game tester. It is not difficult to sign up as a game tester nowadays as many developers consider players from remote areas too. The games might not be in line with your mastered genre, but there is a variety of them that can prevent you from getting bored. The salary may not be high enough, and the availability of the work may not be regular, but for those who really love playing different games, this job is the perfect one.

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