The Only Guide You Need for Daily Fantasy Football Drafting

The Daily Fantasy Football season is in full swing. With NFL action under way there is no better time than now to get involved and play the game. What could be more fun than watching football? Effectively getting paid to do it, that’s what. Daily fantasy football is an extension of season long fantasy football that has put football fanatics in more control of their playing than ever. Gone are the season long dedications and in their place all you need is a free morning to set your line ups and do a little research. There are a multitude of different platforms to play on including the innovative DRAFT website. No matter which platform you decide to play on, you’ll still need to know how to pick your team. We can’t make your players win, but we can help you find winning players. Here are our draft strategies for fantasy football in 2017.

Starting With Your Studs

Every fantasy football team is going to need some level of star power. Star power is a lot less important in daily fantasy football compared to season long football due to the nature of variance, but they are still relatively important. If you are drafting with the DRAFT platform then you are going to be selecting up to five players. Of these five players you are going to want to pick studs at the most important positions: QB and RB. The reason for this? These players get the ball the most and they have the majority of opportunities when it comes time to score.

Now, you don’t pick just any stud player. You want to make sure you pick a stud player that has a great match up. Ezekiel Elliot is a stud. Playing him against the Denver Broncos front 7 is not a great idea. Look for players with match ups that you can exploit and put together a roster of talent that has as good of a match up as you can find on the day’s slate. It’s still great to have studs at wide out but there is so much depth at the position that if you can’t finish out your roster with guys like Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr, it’s okay to pick solid WR2 level talents.

Evaluate For Variance

Everybody and their grandmother is going to start the quarterback that goes up against the New Orleans Saints’ porous defense. Does that mean you should exploit it too? Well, it depends. If you think that the rest of your line up is unique enough, then fine go for it. But if you are going relatively ‘chalk’ across the board it doesn’t hurt to pivot at the most expected match up on the slate. Getting a great player at low ownership is one of the best ways to take down a GPP in daily fantasy football. GPP stands for ‘Guaranteed Prize Pool’ and it means that there is a ton of money available to win.

Social Media Scanning

We are living in the age of limitless information. Social media is your friend. When you decide to do your fantasy draft make sure to look at social media. You never know what you’ll find! You’ll sometimes find coaches talking about a player with a stomach ache, a guy who was out partying too much the night before, or an expected shift in snaps.

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