4 DJ Mixers that are worth your hard earned money

No matter what your profession, it is important to invest in your equipment as it helps you perform better which your customers will appreciate. The same goes for being a DJ. If you have faulty or old equipment, your gigs will not be as entertaining as there could be mishaps during the show. Investing in reliable equipment that can last a great deal of time is a smart way to build your DJ business and entertain throngs of people. There are many pieces of equipment that a DJ must own to be able to perform at their best. One of these items is a DJ mixer. While this article does not showcase a plethora of DJ mixer reviews, we will highlight a few mixers that are worth your hard earned money.

Behringer XENYX502 – This model is perfect for beginners who are just starting out on the DJ scene. It offers 5 channels with 5-inputs, high headroom, headphone outputs, and can be used with stereo cd or tape. For added versatility, purchase an analog sound card and you will be able to hook up your computer to this mixer. This is a great perk as you will then be able to create and save your music on your desktop. For great sound quality, ease of functionality, and a good set of features, this mixer is priced accordingly and is considered budget friendly. If you are playing at a local coffee shop, speaking to the public, or are planning to create a romantic evening for your loved one in a small location, this mixer is a great option for you.

Mackie PROFX12V2 – For those of you who have been DJing for some time and are in the market for an upgrade to the current mixer you have, the Mackie PROFX12V2 is a great item to consider. Not only does it offer USB ports, but it can also seamlessly combine with software programs such as Reason or Ableton Live. Another great feature of this model is that you have access to a USB port that allows you to save your entire set on a USB drive so that you can hear it again at a later date.

DJTECH DIF1S – Another great mixer for beginners, this one is perfect if you want something lightweight yet durable and can easily be transported between gigs. Don’t let the affordable price tag fool you as this mixer is great for blending tracks together and playing to a small party, group of friends, coffee shop, or at home. Once you get the hang of using a mixer, you may want to graduate to something more complex, but to learn the ways of DJing, this unit is perfect and will not break the bank.

Behringer XENYX 1002 – If your main goal is to create new tracks and mix existing songs from your library, this mixer is a perfect choice for you. Those who have been DJing for a while and have graduated from a beginner’s mixer will find that there are enough features to offer an intermediate experience without being overwhelming. The 24 bit FX processor and over 100 effects presets will keep you busy creating new music for hours.