The Must Have Safety Gadgets for Every Millennial

It seems like everywhere you turn, advertisers are telling you it’s all about the experience. There is some truth to that, especially given the fact that all we have is the moment we live in. Get out there and see what life is all about instead of chaining yourself to your desk and hoping for a reasonable retirement. You don’t have to go far, nor do you need to take yourself to exotic destinations for the experience. There’s plenty of things to do in your own back yard. But make sure to take along these safety gadgets so you can live by the seat of your pants and maintain your safety.

Personal Alert Devices

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Personal alert devices have progressed beyond helping an elderly person who has fallen and can’t get up. A device like Safelet comes in contemporary bracelet designs that won’t give away its purpose. The idea is to give women an attractive piece of jewelry that hides the fact it has a panic button. All a wearer has to do is press the button discreetly when they feel threatened or are in danger. Safelet and similar devices send out a signal showing the wearer’s location via GPS.

Devices come in a variety of designs, including ones that hang on the keychain. Your choice of unit comes down to your personal preference for convenience and access. Wearing a bracelet may be uncomfortable, or you might keep the keychain in a place that’s not easy to reach. You want something that you can access quickly in a time of danger.

The Smartphone

Your smartphone is a bit like the Swiss Army Knife of safety devices. It comes with a flashlight, GPS, and the ability to call 911. As long as your phone has a clear view of the sky, it can triangulate your position via GPS. Combine this with the Map application to get a lock on your location, then find your way out of trouble by zooming in and looking for the nearest roadway or gas station. Safety apps also aid in getting you out of a jam through various tricks. Some have you shake the phone to send a signal while others let you press a power button to fire off the alert.

Never underestimate the power of your smartphone to get you to safety and simply keep you safe. Don’t leave home without your Galaxy S7 or other high-quality smartphone from T-Mobile no matter where you go. Sometimes you don’t know where you’ll wind up, and it’s wise to be safe.

Pepper Spray

There’s truly nothing like having the decades-old defense of pepper spray on your person. Keep it on a key chain or put it in a pocket — just make sure it is someplace where you can quickly grab it. It won’t go off without you flipping the safety switch. Pepper spray delivers a blinding and debilitating burst of concentrated capsaicin to the attacker. Capsaicin gives hot peppers their heat, and concentrated capsaicin is very painful for the person getting it in their face. They are rendered incapacitated almost immediately, giving the victim time to get away and run to safety.

Sound Grenades

The sound grenade comes in app and physical forms, giving you the option to use the one that suits you best. The physical sound grenade is a small unit that resembles a USB thumb drive. Pull the pin off the sound grenade, and it emits a high-pitched noise at 120 decibels. It lasts for 30 minutes or until the pin is put back in. The volume and noise are designed to alert anyone in the vicinity and dissuade the attacker from trying anything further.

Personal safety is a concern for anyone who’s miles away from their home turf. Using these gadgets and smartphone apps adds a measure of security against a random encounter with someone who would cause harm. They also work when you’re off the beaten path. Make sure batteries are charged, bring a backup just in case, and always test devices to make sure you know how to operate them properly when it comes time to use them.

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