4 Ways to Improve Your Online Gaming Experience

Gaming is more than just fun. For many online gamers, it’s serious.

With as much time, effort and energy invested in these games, online players are constantly trying to improve their experience. Even if you play solo or with others around the world, gamers are trying to maximise their enjoyment. Some of this comes through updates, downloads or new features released by a game’s developers. However, some of the best ways to increase your gaming experience are within your control.

Below are the four best ways to improve your online gaming experience right from your own home.

Eliminate Lag Time

Lag time can be one of the most frustrating parts of online gaming.

Whether you are lining up kill shots or jump shots, missing an opportunity because of a delay is cringe-worthy. Luckily, there are several steps online gamers can take to avoid having this issue.

The best precaution online gamers can take is by protecting their networks. An open wireless network is vulnerable to security threats but also to any neighbours who want to use your “free” connection. Set a strong password to keep your signal all to yourself.

Another effective way to minimise lag time, players should make sure other applications are not running in the background when gaming. Also, make sure to place your router in an unobstructed area that is centrally located.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Your gaming is only as strong as the equipment you use.

While you may have the basics, there may be room for improvement. Upgrading your equipment can make your experience better. It can provide better comfort, control and connectivity with other players.

A quality headset is necessary if you’re playing a multiplayer game. While communication is needed for strategy and planning with teammates, comfort is also important. You want to have a headset that you can wear for long periods of time while playing.

Extra controllers are also smart purchases. Depending on the platform, online gaming through a computer may require a mouse and keyboard. You can get by with using just your standard-issue components, but your experience will suffer. Some console-based games, however, don’t work well with these, making a hand-held controller key as well.

For the ultimate gaming experience, consider getting a gaming chair. While you don’t have to spring for the built-in speakers, you may be sitting for hours at a time. Make sure your chair is something you can play in but still relax.

Stream Your Gaming

Sharing takes your gaming to the next level.

Posting game play online for others to see, hear and live right alongside you has created a whole new way for people to enjoy gaming. But, it also increases your own experience as well.

Stream or post your game play by using an online service, such as Twitch. You can interact with viewers and add an entirely new layer to your online gaming. While this may require additional equipment, some console systems have built-in solutions to capture and share game play live.

Play For Cash

All online games don’t involve mystical, made-up lands. Some can offer real-world benefits. One way to take your gaming to the next level is to play for real money. The risk of entering your own money and the thrill of winning is unlike any other in online gaming.

The fantasy sports market has grown exponentially over the last several years. Websites, like FanDuel and DraftKings, offer betting games on a wide range of sports. Choose from football, basketball, baseball, golf or racing and draft a roster to compete against others. You can select any team you want based on a salary cap, adding a strategic aspect. This freedom and skill, in addition to the winnings, makes this ideal for gamers looking for a new experience.

If you don’t have the knowledge for these sports games, try online gambling websites. Live casino and other betting-based websites provide users with the same excitement of playing for real money but have games that are much more familiar to the average person.

Whether you want to play Poker with a live dealer or spin the Roulette wheel, live casino games can provide a whole new online gaming experience with real results.

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