Where People Can Look Their Best

There are people in this world’s population who are getting a raw deal these days. Not those you see at political protests or busily writing letters to their congressmen. The people getting the raw deal are often invisible. They are the ones you think of as those who are supposed to be reading to the kiddies, or sitting with thirty cards at the bingo parlor, or out walking the family dog while others sit eating pizza around the 72-inch TV screen. The seniors, the aging Baby Boomers who once ran the world. Now there’s not a lot they have left off their plates and have made tremendous changes to the way we live our lives. They have ushered in the age of technology and fostered independent thinking like never before. There a saying that if you can think of it, the Baby Boomers will change it. They are always look toward the next horizon, and for many, that’s online shopping. Boomers haven’t contributed as much to the paradigm shift in the way goods and services are moving these days, credit for that goes to the millennials, but they’re catching up.

“I got the surprise of my life when my mother called me to ask me to send her an email,” said one women. Apparently, she’d taken a course in digital life at the senior center and sending and getting emails was her homework. “Once she learns to shop, it’s all over!” she exclaimed.

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