EaseUS Data Free Data Recovery: What Do You Get with the Free Version?

EaseUS has been the go-to data recovery software of all those people who don’t bother to save a backup of their valuable data and then end up losing it to some anomalous/malicious activity. There are thousands of customers and hundreds of reviews of this free data recovery software already, but one question that still needs to be addressed is: What do you really get with the EaseUS free data recovery software. EaseUS has a premium version too, but for this review, we are going to look at if the free version is of any good or not.

Let’s begin.

EaseUS recovery software: What features do you get with the Free version?
EaseUS has been very accommodating when it comes to its free version. It’s quite handy and can be used to recover a few Gigabytes of lost data. The premium version is available too with a lifetime membership and free after-sales technical support, so if you feel like paying after using the free version, it’s totally up to you. These are the features that you get with EaseUS hard recovery software


EaseUS data recovery software offers backup of up to 500MB for its free version, but if you share the software with others, you can recover data up to 2GB. The premium version is always a better choice if you have lost hundreds of gigs of data; however, we still love the free version of EaseUS as it offers great features without even charging a dime.

1. Recover Data from Almost Every Storage Device

Be it a USB drive, SSD, HDD, memory card, there is no limitation on the device type that you can recover with EaseUS. Because of the limitation on the amount of data you can recover with the free version, you can consider using it for recovering data from your memory cards or USB drives.

2. Pause Scanning Results

You don’t have to resume a scan if you have to rush to somewhere in the middle. EaseUS data recovery is equipped with pause feature that you can use to resume scanning anytime. All the results will be saved and secure with the EaseUS data recovery software. This convenience of export and import of the scanned results is what makes EaseUS one-of-kind data recovery software.

3. Recover All File Types

The file types that you can recover with a premium version (photos, videos, documents, compressed files, emails, audio, etc.) can be recovered with the free version too.

EaseUS hard data recovery software: What features you don’t get?
With the free version, you don’t get unlimited data recovery, along with a few other valuable features, like you also don’t get the lifetime technical support and free lifetime upgrade.

The Lowdown

EaseUS has 253 reviews on its website with an average rating of 4.5. The free software might not help you recover every bit of data, but the premium version is totally worth the upgrade.

You can download the free version from here.

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