Essential Online Apps for 21st Century Men

In the increasing importance of smart phones and technology, man must use their devices to accentuate and broaden their horizons. Instead of just getting games where you idiotically kill hours of your time, try downloading an app that’ll make you more productive, healthy, or enlightened. Compiled is list of essential apps for men to break the monotony of boring, mindless gaming.


Love a fine glass of whiskey, brandy, or any other spirit? Distiller is the new app that serves as your personal database in your quest to find the perfect liquor for your taste. Distillers database is equipped with a vast selections of bottles of whiskey, brandy, gin, rum, tequila, or mezcal and more bottles are being added to their vast directory every single day. Review scores, rate, suggest, discuss, wish, and create your very own top shelf within the interactive spirit loving community. The app is free so hurry up and start rating. Cheers!


Ever felt like you should be getting back to the gym, but then realized you have no time to get over there? Getting back into shape, or for those who do go to the gym, breaking the monotony of your workout can be difficult. Break the mundane with Sworkit, the app designed to get a full body workout requiring no equipment. Bring Sworkit to the gym or your living room and get 5 to 60 minute plus workouts. Whether you’re just getting back into the swing of things or see yourself as a fitness guru, Sworkit has workout specifically designed to cater to any audience. Simply browse through over 170 workouts and create the perfect workout – Apparently scientists called it the best of its kind too!


Trying to test your luck in the comfort of your own home? Guts is a leading online gambling organization that prides itself on efficient service, providing winners with hassle-free, fast payouts, a huge selection of withdrawal methods, and proactive, intelligent customer support. For the casino lovers out there, you can easily play slot games with real money rewards from the comfort of your mobile. Guts’ high quality gaming experience offers virtually any casino game you would find in a casino along with the best sportsbook odds, making Guts a professional gaming app you’d want in your app arsenal.

How to Cook Everything

College was a time for quick and cheap meals that could get you buy until the next time you had to eat. However, stepping out into the real world, the ability of being able to cook is a quality anyone with an appetite admires. How to Cook Everything is a bestselling cookbook by New York Times columnist Mark Bittman, loaded with 2,000 recipes and 400 illustrations that help you go from a beginner to a pro. The app also has conversions and a timer at hand to have all your cooking needs in one app.


Similar to Distiller, sharing your spirits wouldn’t be the only alcohol you would want to share with your friends. Untappd deals with tracking, reviewing, and exploring the beautiful world of beer. Record where you had the beer and what you thought of it and send recommendations to friends and comment on others to find out more about any specific beer. With the more beer you drink, Untappd has a badge feature based on the consumption of certain types of beer-just don’t try to earn them all in one night.


Soundhoud is essentially a more robust, dynamic Shazam. The song that is on the tip of your tongue is just an orange button tap away. In addition to finding your song, Soundhound has innovative features such as having real time lyrics, what album the song is on and where else it is featured, and attached music videos. After you’re done listening you can share the song on one of your social media accounts or add it to your Spotify or Rdio account. Soundhound also stores your search history, has music charts, and many other features that’ll impress any music fanatic.

Stanley Level

Paying out for services that could easily be DIY is something that can be an instant saver, even for those who aren’t handymen. The Stanley Level is an easily accessible tool that makes any project look like a contractor did it for you. This app is the first of its kind when it comes to a digitally accurate level. After calibration, the Stanley Level could come in handy to help level the field in terms of finding your inner mister fix-it.

World Lens

Planning a trip to a foreign country that speaks a different language can be a daunting task, however if you ever have explored to a different part of the world you’d soon realize that nothing gets any easier. World Lens is an app that tries to make this experience a little less daunting. The purpose is to ease your tourist experience by converting signs into your native language. Since you don’t want to pay for using data, World Lens is accessible offline and works almost instantaneously, providing quick, on the fly translations to help you get from A to B.