Mobile App Trends for 2017

Apps are becoming increasingly popular and most large businesses have now delved into the world of having appy customers. From doing your banking, to playing a game on your train journey home from work, apps are becoming an everyday part of people’s lives.

According to Entrepreneur the 6 mobile app trends to expect this year are:

  • Location Based Services
  • Augmented Reality in utility apps
  • Android Instant Apps
  • Artificial Intelligence within Apps
  • Internet of Things App Integrations
  • Greater focus on security

So as you can see, there will be a lot of progress made in the app world and given that smartphone usage is on a steady rate of increase and will continue to increase, apps are here to stay. Or at least they will be until something better comes along.

What about mobile gaming apps? Can we expect to see anything exciting coming along for players of games through mobile apps?

The answer of course, is yes. There are so many game developers making money out off apps that you can certainly expect the App Store to be flooded with more and more games. Free games, paid games, great games and terrible games, you will see them all hit the App Store in 2017.

This year, experts predict that gamers will benefit more from the updates that are made to apps. Instead of simply fixing bugs, the updates will improve playability and give players more incentive to continue playing games. Check out the iwantcheats website to get more information on ways to improve playability.

There also looks to be a pattern emerging of bringing back retro games. Have you heard the saying, no need to reinvent the wheel? Well developers don’t take any notice of such sayings when there are big bucks to be made by bringing an old favourite back to life through a mobile gaming app.

Freemium games look set to continue to be a success. These are the type of games where they are initially free and you can play the game at no cost at all but there are some additions within the game that you would pay for. Its fair enough that the developers will let you have the basics for free but need to make some money and make it from these add-on options.

Technology moves on so quickly that you are most definitely guaranteed to see real progress in mobile apps and all other forms of technology. There will be a lot of time dedicated to making improvements in the mobile app category and this will be good news for people who like to play games on their mobile. If you’re one of the poor people that have to sit on public transport for hours each week to get to work then you will no doubt want to use that time to have a bit of fun. The developments that will be made for gaming apps should ensure that your ‘wasted’ travelling hours become an exciting part of your day.

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