PGS: The Hybrid of a Smartphone and a Portable Gaming Console

This device is a pocket gadget, which has functions of both Android smartphone and a Windows computer. Side slider form-factor and game control elements allow to use the device as a portable gaming console.

Since the device uses the desktop version of Windows, it is compatible with almost all software and games produced for PC. PGS is the only device in the world capable of simultaneously running Windows and Android, and able to switch between the two at once. This is possible due to the use of 2 SoCs in one device: Intel Atom z8750 and 10-core ARM Helio chip.

The project already launched on Kickstarter, and for less than 5 days raised over 300 000 $. Closer to the end of the campaign, the authors canceled fundraising, because the project found a venture foundation for investments. Release is planned to occur in the second quarter of 2017. The price will be set at 379$.

All details are available on the official website: