So…What’s Next for Apple?

When Apple announced their results in May there was surprise in the tech industry as for the first time in a while sales of the iPhone, iPad and Mac have dropped. It was not all bad news as the company still made a profit of over $10 billion but many people are left wondering what is next for Apple and whether they will experience the growth again that they have enjoyed in the last few years.

Apple themselves do not seem unduly worried about these results. They argue that there is still plenty of room for them to grow, especially in the new markets of India and China. Although they have a large proportion of customers in Europe and the United States that already have Apple devices, the majority of these customers are loyal to the brand and will buy further Apple products when they need a replacement.

The products and services that Apple develops in the next few months will probably have a bigger effect on the next set of results that are published, since the rather bad recent-past decisions left many disappointed. A good example showing exactly that happened in 2015, when the declaration that Apple launches the latest iPod Touch was made, making it obvious that sales aren’t going to dramatically increase, as it was just another iPod to many, with nothing really groundbreaking, even though one can do a lot more with an iPod now than just play music – like download apps and go online to play at Vegas Palms Casino for example.

Apple Pay is a service that could potentially be developed further. The infrastructure that is in place to allow for people to pay for goods with their phones is already in place and this can be developed further to make it even easier for people to make payments in this way. This is something else that encourages loyalty to the brand because once a card is attached to an Apple ID no further action is needed even when the customer does get a new device.

The Apple Watch has not done as well as was perhaps expected but this is another area that can be developed further. As more apps are developed that can be used with the watch it may start to appeal to more people. It can now be used with Apple Pay which some people find more convenient than using their phone. There has also been an increase in the types of games that can be played on the watch. Online casinos such as Vegas Palms Casino have developed apps that can link to your account so that you are able to play at the casino while you are on the go. The Apple Watch will start to appeal to more people as the type of games that you can play becomes more diverse.

The challenges that Apple face are not really unique to them. Many tech companies are also facing the same problem of the market already being full of their products. It is innovation that will be really needed to see growth again and this is something that Apple may be more prepared for than other companies. Things may have slowed down based on the latest financial results but there is no real danger of Apple going anywhere anytime soon.