2 of the Best Dash Cams

Dash cams have become the latest must-have car accessory for UK drivers. Motorists can now make recordings directly from the “dash” of their vehicle in HD quality. Dash cams have provided peace of mind for drivers who want to prevent erroneous insurance claims or traffic penalties. However, with so many of these products on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are two of the best dash cams available with help from RedShed.co.uk.

cobra CDR820_LCD_R

1. Cobra CDR 820E

This HD camera from Cobra provides you with more value for money and is less expensive than some other models on the market. It comes with a powerful camera that captures 1080p HD video wherever you’re driving in the world. Other features include a motion sensor and a G-Sensor that tracks sudden acceleration. Use this camera if you need to compile evidence of a traffic violation. This camera comes packed with loads of features. As well as the HD resolution, you get a 1.5-inch display screen and a viewing angle of 118 degrees, meaning that you’ll be able to capture more of the road in front of you. The Cobra HD dash cam comes with an 8GB memory card included with the product. You can purchase dash cams like from various UK catalogue companies.


2. Snooper DVR-1HD

This mini dash cam is easy to fix to your vehicle and is perfect for event recording and if you have to compile evidence of an accident for an insurance claim. The Snooper has become one of the most popular dash cams on the market, with an emergency recording feature, HD image projection and a built-in video camera for more effective recordings. Other features include a 120-degree view. When you purchase a dash cam like this from a UK catalogue, you’ll be able to have your item delivered to your door and spread the cost of your purchase when you pay in instalments. Various retailers offer pay weekly, pay monthly and buy now pay later options.

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