Best Gear for Forgetful Mother

My mother always forgets where her things were put, those including her door key, wallet, mobile phone, and almost anything on her hand especially on busy hour. Yesterday, she lost her national ID card, today she lost her scissor, tomorrow I don’t know. I was thinking hard how to eliminate her problem, at least for her most important thing.


If we temporary lost or misplaced our mobile phone, we can use another phone to make a “missed call” and ring it, hopefully the phone is not on silent or airplane mode. It’s easier to find such smart device. But it will be different story to find a dumb or disconnected device such as motorcycle key, wallet, or USB drive.

Chipolo is made to solve such problems. This tiny device is designed to be attached to another thing, so we can remotely ring it via Bluetooth. The installation is easy, what we need is a regular Android or iOS smartphone and the free Chipolo app.


Available in ten colorful design, the new Chipolo has great features including 60 meter range; shake Chipolo to ring the lost phone; web app to find the last location of lost phone and send a lock-screen massage; shake Chipolo to take a selfie portrait; and replaceable battery. What else? We may need additional features such as volume control to make it louder and water resistance.

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