Can Hosted Desktops Be Beneficial To Your Business?

virtualmachine Similar to virtual desktops, hosted desktops are becoming increasing influential in businesses all over the world. There are various forms of hosted desktops and as more and more businesses adopt the service, the prediction is that the global cloud market will double this year. So how can hosted desktops be beneficial to your business?


There is nothing better than a business saving money and hosted desktops may cost initial fee, but will help you save in the long term. It could cost your business £1500- £2000 per person each year to help provide them with the necessary equipment and hardware. However, hosted desktops can help businesses reduce that total massively, saving on average, £1000 a year. Your business could potentially save 30-50% on their IT budgets in


Hosted desktops offer employees to be flexible in terms of work. Employees can access the necessary data at any time, from any locations, making them no longer required to be tied into office hours, or office spaces. It also benefits small businesses are able to move without the hassle of transferring the necessary files. Once flexibility becomes an option, the productivity from the employees will also increase. There is a study to suggest that work productivity can increase up to 20% with the seamlessly remote working.


Hosted desktops are proven to provide an incredibly 99.99% reliability, or uptime. Those who provide hosted desktops for their clients can offer a secure network with 24 hour security and secure firewalls for disasters and recovery services. If one server fails, it can be maintained by the other servers, that help build a secure network.


Security is the all important part of hosted desktops. People can think that hosted desktops may offer a huge risk in an era filled with hackers, however, hosted desktops have an increased sense of security. The security includes data centre backups, power generators, cooling, fire systems and a 24-hour monitoring.

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