7 Great Apps To Help You Work On Your Phone

Working whilst on the move can be a challenge; at least, it used to be a challenge. With today’s technology, it’s actually very easy and the following apps will increase productivity and enable you to boost your workflow whilst on the go:


LogMeIn Ignition
With LogMeIn, you can access a remote PC from wherever you are, just as if you were at home on your desktop computer. You’re able to edit and control apps from your PC through the iPad/iPhone app and the interface is simple and easy-to-use, providing an efficient app for those constantly out and about.

iBrainstorm is primarily for the iPad and works as an interactive iPad clipboard, allowing you to organise and swipe at notes, tag items and keep all your thoughts in one place, organised as you see fit. Obviously, with broadband, the process is much faster and more convenient to use.

This sleek platform allows you to keep your priorities in check in the shape of a simple to-do list. Prioritise and set deadlines for objectives, boosting your productivity and customise your settings to your exact preference as well. It’s a universal app, available through different operating systems and allows you to share your lists with others.

Everyone knows and understands the efficiency and advantages of Skype as a work-related app. It’s ideal for communicating with vital people without being in the same location as them and the rates are excellent, not racking up the price too significantly and allowing users to keep in touch with important contacts at all times.

PlainText wipes away everything that isn’t relevant, strips itself right down and lets you work with nothing but your words, devoid of formatting and font. Without messing around with all this, it makes it far more convenient when sending documents to others as the words won’t be rumpled around by any formatting errors or features.

Typing out notes is a relatively simple process, but, Evernote takes it to the very next level. Its comprehensive note-taking abilities range from recipes to web-sites and receipts, offering features such as note-tagging, scanning processes as well as audio and visual notes, beautifully crafted so that you never forget a vital piece of information again.

Dropbox lets you store files online and then access them from any other computer. Ideal for those that move around a lot, you’re able to edit documents, share Dropbox files with others, synchronising your work whilst working efficiently in a team. The added security is just another bonus with this app, perfect in every way.