How to Protect Your Laptop Online

Nowadays almost everyone owns a laptop, and you can connect to the internet almost wherever you go. Home networks, mobile broadband, cafes and cloud connectivity all mean you never have to go without the internet. However, this also means there are people and threats around every corner looking to find weak spots in your system’s security.

Follow these tips and don’t let your laptop be compromised:

Keep your antivirus current

If your current antivirus software doesn’t update at least every week then you need to start looking for another one. Antivirus software should not be set to just block everything or you will find yourself unable to browse at all. Instead, work through the settings as a trial-and-error exercise and customise for your level of use. Before long you will have the perfect amount of protection.

Use different passwords

It is estimated that 60% of people use the same password for everything online and on their computer. This is bad form, because once your password is accidentally revealed – and it can happen to anyone – your account on every website you go on will suddenly be compromised. Clicking on a dodgy link that asks for a password can mean yours gets farmed and sold to the highest bidder.

Don’t respond to any emails or calls asking for your details

This is obvious for emails that are clearly spam, but attackers are now able to make more legitimate looking emails nowadays. People are often convinced that their bank or HMRC are emailing them regarding money owed but the key thing to remember is these companies will never ask for any personal information. If you give it to them you are opening your bank account and your laptop to threats.

Don’t ignore software updates

The software for your laptop will frequently download updates for you to install. These close loopholes that can otherwise make your laptop vulnerable to attack and downloading them is a big way to keep your laptop safe. Remember, with more people shopping, browsing and talking online every day internet security is a huge global issue.