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Jabra STREET2 Bluetooth Pendant --- Technology Meets Fashion The speed with which technology advances is a little scary; what people have discovered and invented only in the 20th century exceeds by far the technological advances of all previous centuries.

Only thinking about the amazing inventions like airplanes, space rockets, computers and Internet, television and radio, is enough to get us a little dizzy. But it seems that’s not enough for inventors, programmers, developers and scientists who keep searching for ways not only to keep the technological progress going, but also to amuse themselves.

Funny and Scary Inventions

Perhaps we’re still far away from having automatic surgical cubicles, like the one in the movie “Prometheus” where the main actress (pregnant with an alien) has an abortion without any surgeon present, but there are so many things we use in our everyday lives that are amazing enough (if only we stopped taking them for granted).

#1 Instant photo sending option using mobile phone
Smart phones have swamped the market; there are new models coming out practically every day. These attractive “toys” enable us to share funny, joyful moments with family and friends who are far away in new ways. Not only can we shout to them that we are having fun, we can press a few buttons in the matter of seconds and send them a great snapshot of how much fun we are having.

#2 Robot vacuum-cleaners
A dream come true to all who hate cleaning their apartments, robot vacuum-cleaners are slowly populating the homes of those who can afford them. Sometimes they are not as efficient as regular manual vacuum cleaners, though. They can be very funny when they get stuck under a sofa, or tangled in cables. But they usually get the job done, and who would have guessed some twenty years ago that a robot would be helping us with house chores? Now, let’s only hope they don’t develop conscience and start a war against us.

#3 Employee tracking system
One of the horrors for employed people is a relatively new invention: the employee tracking system. There are several versions of this software that allow employers to spy on their workers via computer and monitor how they spend their working hours. Gone are the days of playing video games, chatting with friends or watching the latest comedy shows at work. Scary…

Most new inventions are developed with the purpose of somehow aiding people in their endeavors. However, many of them can also be used against us. Hopefully, we still have the right mind to prevent this from happening and to enjoy the positive aspects of what technology brings us.

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