What does O2 have to offer?

As you may know, the O2 brand began life as BT Cellnet back in 1985. They were the first mobile company to offer General Packet Radio Service or GPRS as it is more commonly known these days. The GPRS system is the typical way of sending and receiving data via a mobile device these days, but it is fast becoming old news as the 4G network begins making its presence known.

O2 have spent millions upon millions over the last year making sure that their network is fully compatible with the new 4G standard when it arrives, which means making sure that the phones themselves will work with it too. It will still be a long while before 3G as a standard will become obsolete, but the time is not far off.

O2 are probably most well known for their string of live music venues scattered across the UK. As you may know they are some of the most popular venues for live music around, offering gigs in cities around the UK featuring bands that would otherwise have no suitable place to perform. As well as this, O2 offers a priority ticket service for their customers that ensures early access to tickets and news about upcoming tour dates. This sort of service is primarily aimed at a consumer who spends a lot of their free time going to gigs, but of course it is not without value for those who frequent these mini-arenas less regularly.

On top of this, O2 offers a whole range of handsets early in the UK. Some of the best deals on pay-as-you go and contract phones that will be unavailable for purchase on their own for some months become available on O2 sometimes up to six months early, giving early access to the best handsets for those who are desperate to have them now.