Bose SIE2 and SIE2i Sport Headphone for Exercise

Bose‘s new SIE2 and SIE2i sport headphones are specifically designed for exercise. The durable in-ear headphones are water-resistance and feature exclusive Reebok® fitness armband that’s included with both models. Priced at $119.95 and $149.95 respectively, Bose SIE2 and SIE2i feature exclusive Bose TriPort acoustic technology, durable cable construction, and include proprietary Bose StayHear tips. Users can use the Bose SIE2 sport headphones with most music players, but for additional calling functing, users need the SIE2i sport headphones with in-line remote and microphone. Both devices are also compatible with iPhone and iPod.

“Many fitness enthusiasts consider headphones a key part of their exercise gear,” said Sean Garrett, vice president of the Bose Noise Reduction Technology Group. “Music can help maximize performance, but tradeoffs in conventional sport headphones can interfere with a workout. So we engineered all elements of the SIE2 and SIE2i sport headphones for the athlete — carefully selecting materials, manufacturing methods, and design elements without compromising audio performance.”