Optimizing Your E Commerce Software

e-commerce website What are you getting out of your current E-commerce software? Sure, it sells your products online, but that’s just the bare minimum. If your software doesn’t actively perform the support functions you’d expect of a fully equipped retail business outlet, you’re missing out on a whole lot of potential benefit.

The Value of Business Analysis
Think of your web sales portals like you’d think of a franchise or self-sufficient retail location. As the head of a corporate office, you’d never allow one of your shops to operate without regular feedback. You’d want detailed reports that describe shopping trends and fiscal data. Such information would be essential to your ability to improve sales and reduce inefficiencies. Your website may not be the same as a physical retail outlet, but the need for advanced data aggregation is still the same.

It’s critical that your E-commerce apps allow you to check in on your store fronts whenever you please, providing real time updates and accurate sales statistics. You must be able to check on how many site visitors you have and see how many sales you made in a given time period. If you can’t do these things, you’ll have a very hard time making improvements to your web presence.

Centralized Control
Of course, even E-commerce software that allows you to keep tabs on everything is no good if you can’t make changes easily. You don’t want to have to make separate changes to each page or sub-site. As a business owner, you simply don’t have the time. That’s why it’s also important that the E-commerce software you use allows you to work from one central virtual location.

Having a central control hub for all your web pages makes things much easier for you, but it also means that your websites will portray you in a better light. Companies often go through many image and branding changes throughout their lifetimes. You’ll never know when the mood will strike you or your board of investors. In any case, the ability to make a simple, uniform change that updates all your websites at once is invaluable.

Consumers will feel more confident doing business with you knowing that your firm presents a unified front. Even better, your sites will be more dynamic and appealing because you can enact more regular updates from one single hub. Fresh content is important, and control schemes that let you deliver it without a hassle make your site far more interesting.

Mobile Integration
One of the most important parts of your E-commerce software is its ability to work with mobile phones. Don’t overlook the little features, because the more convenient you make things for consumers, the more they’ll shop with you. The best mobile-ready sites include novel features like:

  • Click to call buttons that let users initiate a one-button phone call with you instantly from their mobile browser
  • Mobile-specific layouts that ensure your site works just as well with screen taps as it would with mouse clicks and guarantee automatic resizing on phone screens
  • Map integration that allows consumers to plot a line from their current location to your firm, increasing the chances of real-world interaction

Good E-commerce software provides you with a chance to not only increase your sales online but also to improve your information analysis. Make sure you work with design teams that can provide software solutions to help you make sense of all the data.

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