Samsung Series 3 Chromebox

Featuring Google Chrome OS, the Series 3 Chromebox features Samsung’s sleek design identity. As the world’s first Chromebox, the cute device offers users with the Chromebook’s ease-of-use in a compact desktop product, which easily integrates with their existing accessories.

Designed for home and office, the compact Samsung Series 3 Chromebox measures 7.6 x 7.6 x 1.3-inches, that’s small enough to put on a desk, in a bookshelf or next to the couch – and is also easy to transport between the home and office if needed.

Powered by an Intel Celeron B840 Dual Core (1.9 GHz) processor, the Samsung Series 3 Chromebox is enhanced with a 16GB SSD and 4GB of RAM. Its built-in 2×2 WLAN Wi-Fi enables users to experience full connectivity without worrying about extra cables. Users can connect their Series 3 Chromebox to monitors up to 30-inches in size, a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, or even an HDTV using the Display Port output. Users can also effortlessly connect up to six USB devices to upload photos or save files.


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