ASUS Xtion Motion Sensor for PC

ASUS Xtion

Xbox 360 and PS 3 users are already capable controlling their favorite games by body motion, but now PC users can enjoy the same experience or even better, thank to the Xtion montion sensor by ASUS. The Xtion is mentioned as the first whole-body montion control for PC. It utilizes uinque sensors for intuitive motion controls, with a user-friendly interface. Connecting to PCs through USB, Xtion motion sensor supports easy push, wave, and tap gestures to allow for quick access to motion-based games as well as movies, multimedia collections, photo galleries, and web browsers.

Xtion is compatible with various PC games, and suitable for an excellent local multiplayer experience without any additional hardware or controller required. ASUS also readiying Xtion store that offers a variety of items including games, entertainment, and other applications designed to make the most of whole-body interaction on PC. Right now Xtion is bundled with three exclusive games designed especially to work with the device — Beatbooster, DanceWall, and MayaFit.