Android Jelly Bean

Android Jelly Beans

For a long time, the world waited with bated breath for the release of the current Android Operating System, Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich as it is also known as. This even finally occurred in October of 2011 when the operating system was first released on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a phone specifically designed to use the new operating system. Now that this release has passed, many are now setting their sites on another version of Android that will be the future of the operating system.

This new version of Android will be known as Android 5.0 and in keeping with the trend of sugary snacks, Jelly Bean. Since it is still early in the development process, little is known exactly about the Jelly Bean operating system. However, there is some speculation regarding the new operating system upgrade.

One change that is likely to occur with Android Jelly Bean is that Chrome will probably become the main internet browser on all mobile phones using the Android Jelly Bean operating system. This will be quite a change as it will provide the same quality internet browser as we are accustomed to on our personal computers.

Current trends in mobile phone design are featuring bigger and bigger screens to perform more functions similar to a computer. In many situations, these larger phones that use Android Jelly Bean can be turned to landscape mode and used must like a tablet.

Another trend in mobile phone design that Android Jelly Bean is likely to capitalize on is the dual and quad core processors. Android Jelly Bean is expected to harness the power of these processors and offer users a faster experience. This also means more strain will be put on the phone’s battery with this faster speed. Therefore, Android will need to be designed to use the battery power in a much more efficient manner to prevent quick draining.

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