ZAGG iFrogz Boost Speaker, No Cable/Bluetooth Required

ZAGG iFrogz Boost speaker

There are various ways to boost or amplify the music sound of portable music players including iPod, iPhone, or anything else. The most popular way is using Bluetooth or cable, but do you know that there is more simple or traditional way to make the sound louder? Take a mic and put it next to the external speaker of the devices, and done, no cable or Bluetooth required. Let’s see how the new ZAGG iFrogz Boost Speaker amplifies the sound of portable music players.

Compatible with any portable devices that have external speaker, the ZAGG iFrogz Boost speaker works by syncing the external audio signal and then amplify the sound through two high-quality 2W x 2RMS speakers. Just pick your favourite player and lay it on top of the Boost, then you can start enjoying your favourite music in a new way.

Priced at $39.9, the iFrogz Boost speaker measures 1- x 3- x 5-inches and weighs only 5.9 ounces (excluding the 3x AAA batteries). The batteries can last up to 6 months in standby mode, or up to 15 hours in active mode. In addition to the 3x AAA batteries, this portable speaker can be powered by a Micro USB cord (sold separately).

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