Web Designing Strategies for Mobile Phones

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“If Internet is the right eye, Mobile Phone is the left and a modern man seems to be blinded without them all the time”. Well, mobile phones are slowly turning out to be our heavy duty performers and can accomplish anything that once upon a time, was possible only on a personal computer. What more can a man ask for when these tiny devices can be carried around enabling users to access the web, share ideas, keep in touch with anyone around, carrying out business and entertainment and all these are done on the go. And now, technology has gone a step higher. It’s now time to talk about business broadband, programming in mobile phones, innovative designing ideas and strategies to build up websites using your mobile phones.

Here let us talk about what should be considered when designing a website with the mobile phone in mind.

A. Understand the need for designing a mobile website

The need for designing a website should be understood properly in order to come out with a perfect result. Websites might be designed with different intentions like

  • Creating a brand new website that is accessible on both desktop and mobile phone,
  • Redesigning an existing website to make it accessible on both desktop and mobile phones and
  • Making a desktop website to be accessible in mobile phones without changes in the original site. Each of these activities calls for different requirements and preparations.

B. The objective of your website

A desktop website is always different from that of a mobile phone. In a computer, you have huge space to display ads and yet have everything you need to best describe your website. In the case of a mobile phone all these details have to be optimized to suit the best possible visibility in the small screen. The hierarchy or the objective of your business is what you should keep in mind before a mobile website is created. One golden rule to be kept in mind before creating a mobile website is

“A mobile website is always a stripped down version of the desktop. Though all the prominent features are the same, it avoids complex navigation with simple mobile-optimized images and animations”

C. Redesigning or optimizing an existing website calls for a lot of studying

It is very important to study a website properly before redesigning it or re-creating one that is compatible to mobile phones. You may even make observations on the majority of devices and browsers that can access your site. This will help you to optimize websites according to the supporting devices. As an example, one would observe that these days, most of the websites are being optimized to suit Apple and Android devices. You may even keep the top browsers in mind and optimize the sites accordingly.

D. Let your websites be omnipresent

With a number of gadgets being released every day, it is difficult to test your website compatibility in all of them. Hence design your website in such a way that it is optimized to be accessible in devices with different screen sizes, usability, speed and responsiveness.

E. Less is more

As discussed earlier, one should keep in mind, the sizes of the files, loading times, design layout and navigation factors. Here, simplicity is the key to make it an enjoyable browsing experience in a mobile phone.

In a world where people are behind luxury and convenience right from the time they start from bed and end up in bed, it would only be smart from your end to make your inventions convenient and user friendly. As Charles G. Mortimer, former prescient of the General Foods Corporation, points out, “Today, convenience is the success factor of just about every type of product and service that is showing steady growth”. Though there are numerous other factors affecting the genuinely of your website, you may find the above points to be the fundamental decider.

Author Bio:
Sanjay Bojan, a blogger who pens on the latest happenings in the market, technology and broadband providers. He even writes on NHS departments, NHS benefits and other public services.