Shopping Around for iPhone 4S Insurance Deals

For smartphone users, one of the key things they buy immediately after purchasing a new mobile phone contract is to start thinking about insurance. There are plenty of deals around for the iPhone 4S, but it’s worth investigating the different providers and factors to work out the most cost-effective and appropriate deal for each individual. The key factors to think about are the cost, the coverage so how the phone is protected, how users go about making a claim if the phone is lost or damaged and the provider themselves.

It is worth finding out exactly how much coverage you get for the price. Introductory monthly premiums can be as low as £5.99 with an excess of around £50. The deductible can often be quite high, however, in some cases up to £150 which means if the iPhone is lost, damaged or stolen after two years and a successful claim is made users can pay up to £300 to replace the device. In some cases the deductible has to be paid every time a claim is made so in fact it can be quite expensive. Users should always check the deductible figure. Some providers ask to carry out a credit check to determine a users’ ability to repay. If successful they can offer deductibles of as low as £50 making it more cost-effective.

For the iPhone 4S, some insurance deals can cover lost, damage and theft but it is always important to read the terms and conditions to determine what the actual coverage is for the cost. Some types of damage may be excluded, similarly some providers do not allow for a claim to be made if the theft is not reported to the police, which some users may feel is unnecessary. Some providers do not make the clear the exclusions for coverage. There also could be limits on the number of claims that can be made in different pricing structures. Most providers will be happy to discuss the different scenarios and fully explain the full level of coverage for an iPhone 4S.

Many smartphone users, particularly those with popular handsets like the iPhone 4S can find their device is a target. For those who take advantage of the iPhone 4S multitasking and the ability to work on the go using email and calendars, there is an increased risk of damage from dropping or scratching. An important factor in picking an insurance provider is finding out what the claims process is like. If a user does use the iPhone 4S for work, then being without a device can hamper their ability get the job done. Some providers can replace the lost or damaged phone overnight, but there may be a cost. Others, with a waiting period of up to five days could be cheaper, but not as fast.

The best thing about the iPhone 4S, many users say is its ability to fit into their lives, they use it for what they need and it is flexible enough to help them do that. Instead of accepting insurance at point of purchase of an iPhone 4S contract, users should make sure their warranty and coverage in case the device is lost, damaged or stolen, is just as flexible as the device itself.